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Intelligence Support Systems for:

  • Monitoring Centers
  • Lawful interception Compliance Solutions
  • Data Retention to collect & analyze Information Metadata
  • Location Based Services for Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Data Mashup: Correlate Investigation Results
  • Digital Recording of VoIP , RoIP , E1,T1, PRI

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When Accuracy Matters...

  • Communication Capture & Analysis
  • Capture VoIP, RoIP, Digital, Analog, E1,T1,PRI
  • Agent Training & Scoring

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Our Services

Purpose Built Recorders

ATIS MDR & PhoenixPro 3.0 Advanced Application set are Proven Highly Flexible Platforms. Delivering Unmatched Choice & Reliability with Superior End User Satisfaction levels!

ATIS RECORDER PhoenixPro 32 Desktop The turnkey recording system PhoenixPro32 Desktop was specially designed for applications where total …

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Data Recovery Trademark

Both MDR & PhoenixPro 3.0 Platforms Automatically Recover and Rebuild All Voice Data Traffic After Severe Power Outages with ATIS Trademark "Instant Core Buffer Rebuild Technology".

Q50 Secure ATIS Format or (SAF) Recording… All ATIS Recorders utilize a unique method of capturing and playing back recorded audio that is …

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Ease of Deployment

ATIS Recorders are specifically designed for easy Installation, minimum maintenance, and the lowest possible cost of ownership With Driven Par Excellence Support.

The PhoenixPro Web GUI is designed in such a way that it is both intuitive and quick to use. There are not multiple layers of windows to go through …

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