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3 Advantages Businesses Gain When They Record a Skype Meeting

Dec 13, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Record a Skype meeting and  you give company leaders opportunities to manage internal communication more efficiently and effectively. Capturing meeting discussions with recording technology for transcribing, if necessary, is one way to reduce costs associated with maintaining historical accuracy.

There are other advantages for business owners like the three examples detailed below.

Record Skype Meeting Speakers: Hosting a Company-Wide Event With Playback

Hosting a corporate staff meeting or annual stockholders meeting at a time that everyone can attend is often difficult. Many companies find they need to exclude some employees so normal operations are not interrupted, unless meetings are scheduled before or after normal business hours. Finding a time that all investors and partners can attend a conference is also challenging. If you record Skype meeting participants, you can post the video to a password protected site or share the recording with others who missed the event.

Create a Digital Archive for Legal Protection

Typically, the majority of discovery preparing for a legal challenge takes place before parties come together in the courtroom. When parties cannot agree, or have different recollections about an event or conversation, recordings may help the parties settle their dispute without going through a protracted lawsuit.

The primary rule of discovery is to gather information that pertains to the legal issue, within the normal constraints of the law. When you record Skype meeting events, it is crucial that you follow all local, state and federal laws concerning informed-consent. This creates a digital archive that can be used to prepare for and defend a legal challenge.

Share Product Information & User Guides With Customers

Introducing a new product or service to your customers is exciting. You probably know your inventory inside and out, but sometimes customers have problems learning how to use your items as designed. It is possible to share product information and user guides when you use Skype meeting technology to produce a user guide with visual elements. Uploading the meeting file to your website as part of a company FAQ sections provides a valuable resource for training and educating staff and clients.

You may want to consider hosting a live event to gather feedback from the product designers, technical support teams and call center employees about the content of the final user guide. Then, you could create a recorded Skype conference that supplies information to consumers.

ATIS Digital Solutions Allow You To Record Skype Meeting Events

Microsoft continues to update Skype features that enhance capabilities and functionality. If you would like to hear more about Skype meeting technology, call an ATIS Digital communications specialist today by dialing 866-871-5390 or send us an email with the your callback number and the best time to reach you by phone.

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