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3 Key Reasons to Record Customer Service Calls to Improve CX

Sep 20, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

The customer contact center is an extension of your brand. Essentially call centers are tasked with going above and beyond normal operations to better serve your clients. Front-line staff may be trained to answer questions and resolve problems, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some room for improvement. Exceptional CX means you position your company to outshine the competition and grow revenue potential. Here are some insights to help your organization deliver the best customer experience possible when you record customer service calls.

Building Relationships = Valuing Your Customers

According to a Cohn & Wolf consumer survey, the top three things consumers expect from brands are directly tied to customer service. It might surprise you to learn that communicating honestly about brand products and services is the number one thing that drives customer satisfaction. Along with this transparency, contact center callers expect companies to follow through with promises and act with total integrity at all times.

The only way to live up to these great expectations is to train every team member to value your customer base through consistent, accurate, courteous and respectful conversations. Reviewing recorded audio files helps your organization identify gaps in training and reward high-performing contact center employees to ensure every caller gets exactly what they want and deserve.

Record Customer Service Calls to Manage CX & Payroll Spend

Often call center conversations begin with a customer who is frustrated or confused about how to use your products or services. You need a patient, focused agent on the phone to help your client resolve their issue efficiently without making the caller feel rushed or incompetent. When you record customer service calls with advanced technology like the ATIS PhoenixPro, call data streams help supervisors monitor important details like the average length of call, peak call times and agent availability to manage contact center schedules that meet the needs of customers while controlling payroll costs.

Managing Social Media Engagement With Exceptional Service

In this digital age where everyone can instantly share their positive – and negative – interactions with brands, it’s vital to deliver on your promises. If your call center staff isn’t doing everything they can to make sure your customers are satisfied after the call, you can expect Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to hear about it immediately. Leverage team excellence. Record customer service calls, then post those stellar response times – demonstrated by the data – on your brand pages to let your loyal followers know you’re working hard to earn their trust.

An integrated communications system, and particularly equipment that allows you to record customer service calls in conjunction with scheduling, compliance and tracking software improves internal and external partnerships. With a user-friend system, your organization can save time, money and frustration, while capturing data to enhance customer service and brand loyalty.

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