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3 Things to Consider Before You Start Using Skype Call Recording Software

Nov 21, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

When your organization makes the decision to implement a policy that includes capturing conversations with Skype call recording software, you should consider how the practice will impact customer service, privacy and training. Every state has unique legal requirements surrounding call capturing, so check with your ethics panel and lawyers before you start recording phone calls. Following legal mandates is crucial, but it isn’t enough. You also need to carefully consider all stakeholders – customers, employees and owners/investors.

Here are three things you should consider before implementing a conversation capturing program like Skype call recording software.

Privacy Matters: Before, During & After the Call

Whether you are recording a meeting, a conversation with a customer or an online training session with Skype call recording software, all parties should be aware their interaction is being recorded. Your staff can read a scripted statement, or simply inform all parties the call is being recorded during the greeting, or immediately before you start the session. Giving advance notice allows callers to make an informed decision about whether or not to continue the call.

When conversations contain sensitive information, such as addresses, social security numbers and other identifying data, you should have access to technology that allows you to mask the information, without deleting or altering the recording. This protects consumer and employee privacy without reducing your legal protection should you need complete information to defend your organization against a legal challenge or to comply with a court order in the future. Bottom line, your conversations should be started properly, securely archived and available for future use, if necessary.

Professional Protocol: Training Employees to Use Skype Call Recording Software

Professional etiquette demands employees always use a courteous, respectful tone. Teaching call center staff to practice active listening techniques ensures callers receive high-quality service. Like other ATIS Digital technology and services, Skype call recording software is easy to use and designed to capture clear digital audio and video data. If utilizing image features, discuss appropriate grooming and attire with all employees before they participate in video conferences or webinars. The goal is to make sure your team represents your organization as a respectable organization that values all stakeholders. ATIS data loggers record key performance metrics and complement Skype for Business technology, so you will have the visual and audio file, plus data behind each call that allows your business to monitor call volume, channel activity and other quantitative data necessary to manage your assets more effectively.

File Sharing: Legal & Ethical Compliance

Callers should have confidence their recorded conversations are managed and archived to protect their privacy and personal information. This means that when your team uses Skype call recording software, they practice responsible sharing protocol. Every file should be encrypted and password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

Partner With ATIS Digital to Manage Skype for Business Activity Professionally

Skype for Business continues to gain popularity as the software upgrades added features improve user experience and functionality. If you need a call capturing system that provides user friendly technology to capture, manage and archive your important conversations, give an ATIS Digital communications specialist a call at 1-866-871-5390 or send us a secure message and we will arrange a demo at your convenience.

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