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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Call Center Monitoring System

Nov 14, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Investing sufficient time during the research and comparison process is critical when your organization is ready to buy a call center monitoring system. Choosing a system designed for your internal workflow ensures your staff and your customer experiences are smooth and effortless. Buying the wrong call center monitoring system virtually guarantees frustration and discontent among all stakeholders.

The following five questions will help you navigate the equipment comparison process efficiently and effectively so you make well-informed decisions.

Call Center Monitoring System:  What You Should Ask

Why does our organization need call capturing equipment?

Answering this question gives you clues about the processes and communication interactions within the company. Do you want to enhance training programs to bolster customer service? Are you interested in capturing sensitive billing information without compromising privacy? Perhaps, you serve the aviation industry and federal mandates require participation in certain call capturing programs. When you know why you need the equipment, you are better prepared to determine which call capturing systems are well suited to your operating environment.

Who will use the new call center monitoring system?

Simply recording digital and audio conversations with a modern call center monitoring system isn’t enough today. Many organizations need secure access to active conversations, but they don’t want every employee to be able to listen in. Some questions include:

  • Who should be able to monitor live conversations?
  • How will access to archived files be controlled? For example, will supervisors gain access via passwords, be limited to certain channels or have permissions based on types of conversations.
  • What about storage? Ask yourself if you need cloud-based storage and/or remote hard copies.

Answering this set of questions gives you insight into how both live and archived files should be managed.

What is the primary purpose?

Question one above provides a broad overview of all the reasons your team needs monitoring equipment. This question helps you narrow down your focus to one ultimate objective. If your new equipment could only do one thing – not likely – what is your “must-have” functionality or feature. Whether you are looking for an application that runs on MS Windows platforms, or your need a turnkey solution, you likely have at least one feature that is not negotiable.

How will implementing a new policy impact our organization?

To get the answer to this one, you must carefully explore company-wide workflow and customer interactions. Ask every employee how they think adding monitoring equipment to current unified communications protocol could negatively and positively impact performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

When will the conversion take place?

Paying for your new call center monitoring system may require board approval or waiting until a new fiscal year. Knowing whether the change is imminent or in the future will directly influence what type of equipment you purchase and how much you can afford to invest.

These five questions will put you on the right path to choose an ideal call center monitoring system. And, if you are considering waiting until finances are better, please accept our invitation to few our FAQ pages for more information. ATIS Digital offers low-price point solutions designed for every size and shape organization, even those with limited budgets.

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