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ATIS Welcomes SAU to the ATIS end-user Family!

Jun 16, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Saint Augustine’s University Campus Police is headed by Chief Randy Nelson, we are proud to announce has selected ATIS’s PhoenixPro Radio & Phone Recording solution as part of his Public Safety technology improvements buildout of Campus Police services & operations June, 2017.

SAU was established in 1867 in Raleigh, N.C. sits on 105 acres, is a four-year liberal arts university. The Campus Police have the same powers as North Carolina city & county police departments. SAUCPD operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ATIS PL3200 turnkey recorder was selected as part of “the continued commitment for safety and well-being of the university students, faculty & community” said Kim Richardson MPBA who spearheaded the search for the “Perfect” voice recorder that fit the SAUPD technology upgrade project goals & that could integrate successfully with their VoIP Phones & Motorola Radio platforms. ATIS is Very Excited to be part of the SAUPD Team and want to thank Chief Nelson for allowing ATIS to deliver the “Best Recording Solution by Price & Solution in Campus Public Safety Today!” said Albert Law of ATIS!

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