What Does Avaya Do To Enhance Productivity & Collaboration?

Technology plays a vital role in the 21st century, and many small to medium sized organizations are concerned about investing heavily in new hardware and software to modernize their unified communications infrastructure. You may be pleased with your telephone equipment but need more advanced applications to enhance productivity and collaboration with a dispersed workforce. Fortunately, there are low-cost software solutions to help you modernize your call center, without starting from the ground-up. Avaya is an excellent option to consider.

What Does Avaya Do & How Can It Help Your Team?

The service industry is changing rapidly, going from paper-based systems to cloud-based communication systems at an ever increasing pace. People expect access to information and service in real-time, from anywhere. Avaya offers organizations flexible, user-friendly solutions to support a mobile workforce with advanced technology tailored to specific clientele needs. Here are a few examples.

What Does Avaya Do with Voice Mail & Email?

Managing your conversations more efficiently is simple with Avaya. Whether you want to direct voice mail to one central location, route all calls to a dedicated land-line or mobile device, or you want a hybrid model, you can do that with Avaya’s flexible options. With a hybrid communications management system, you get your voice mail messages directly in your Outlook inbox and they show up on your iPad or other mobile device, eliminating delays associated with waiting until you return to the office to get important messages.

Going Beyond Message Relays With Avaya

You can listen to emails with text to speech technology on your iPhone and take immediate action. Unlike traditional messaging solutions, with Avaya, you can naturally answer and place calls, but you can also transfer calls to other team members or create a conference call to discuss evolving situations in real time.

A Truly Hands-Free Solution

When employees use the “soft-phone” feature, making calls via their computing device, other system users can see who is available for calls and who is already engaged in another conversation. One-click connection features allow users to dial a team member’s extension, enter a conference call or transfer an incoming call efficiently by selecting an icon on the screen. You never have to pick up a phone if you wear a headset.

Never A One-Size Fits All Solution

Avaya isn’t a single application or service. Solutions allow every team member, whether in the field or in the office, to feel connected. What does Avaya do? It unifies your team and your communication system. It works where ever you are, whenever you need it, making high-quality collaboration possible in spite of geographic barriers.

If you need more information about Avaya solutions, or you’re looking for call capturing technology that does more than simply record your conversations, contact an ATIS Digital team member to today.

What Are The Keys To Success With Skype Voice Recorder Solutions?

Communication management in a digitally rich environment has never been easier than it is today. From interviewing new talent to collaborating with remote consultants on a special project, technology brings people together in ways never imagined a few years ago. Incorporating Skype voice recorder functionality to the communications mix ensures your organization not only documents vital conversations but preserves a digital record for future review. A successful rollout takes thoughtful planning that considers how the change will impact all stakeholders.

A Skype Call Recorder Plan That’s Fully Invested In Associate Care

To fully realize the benefits of Skype voice recorder capabilities, organizations must first empower their staff with the tools and resources they need. Managing the change is critical for success. ATIS Digital can help make the transition less stressful and more productive for your staff and your clients. Follow these simple steps to help your team prepare.

1. Inspire. Make sure everyone understands their new roles and responsibilities before you record the first interaction by explaining why you plan to start using Skype call recording as part of your service delivery plan. Share your vision, and encourage employees to share their concerns and suggestions for implementing a smooth roll out.

2. Educate. Train staff members so that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to use the new communication tools efficiently. Everyone should have confidence they know how to sign in, view the dashboard, add or drop participants and initiate sidebar conversations while recording.

3. Encourage. Continue to provide training and support after you go live. Offer practice sessions to help employees gain more confidence in a stress-free environment.

4. Support. Make sure you have the right unified communications technology, properly configured to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders. Different environments demand different solutions. Skype voice recorder solutions for staff meetings naturally won’t have the same access and delivery scrutiny as network-based lawful intercept solutions, but both require the right technology and the right equipment. ATIS Digital can help you determine the proper approach to recording engagements, storage of digital files, and managing data for mobile, fax, voice, email and other conversations, including your Skype call recorder data.

Implementing Skype Voice Recorder Solutions With ATIS Digital Support

Adding Skype voice recorder options to your unified communication infrastructure is one way to ensure you’re doing everything you can to build teamwork and enhance customer service. The key to a successful roll out is considering how the change will affect your associates. ATIS Digital provides end-to-end communication solutions that include user education and training to ensure you get the most benefit from your equipment and your software. Give us a call to find out how to design a training program for your team.

How to Record a Skype for Business Call to Build Client Confidence

Are you wondering how to record a Skype for business call to build stronger client relationships? Skype is an excellent tool for demonstrating products, offering one-on-one tutorials and sharing files, like contracts or service schedules. However, before you find out which buttons to push and decide who to invite to your conference, there’s an important issue to consider. Privacy. Before using any voice capturing technology, including Skype for Business engagement solutions, check with your legal team. In some states, recording any conversations without first getting consent from all participants is illegal.

Recording a Skype for Business Call

There are many apps for recording calls and several different ways you can approach documenting client conversations. So, there isn’t really one set of instructions. But, if you’re using Skype for Business in Office 365, the process is very simple. After you install the software on your computer, follow these five steps to prepare for recording conversations with clients.

1. Navigate to the Office 365 “administration center.”

2. Click on the “Service Settings” tab.

3. Select “Manage Settings in the Skype for Business Administration Center.”

4. On the “Users” page, edit the list to allow authorized users to start and record Skype conversations. You can revisit the page to change user lists as often as you like.

5. Finally, select “Click and Record Conversations and Meetings” on the “Options Page.” Remember to save your settings before exiting so your changes are updated.

How to Record a Skype for Business Call that Builds Client Confidence & Trust

Just mastering the setup and learning where the record, pause and resume buttons are on the screen isn’t enough to bolster confidence or build relationships. The built-in 365 features allow you to create impressive presentations for your meeting. Your recording will capture audio and HD Video, both program and Desktop sharing sessions and attachments shared during your meeting. You will also have a record of PowerPoint (PP) and whiteboard presentations, which gives you an opportunity to add visual and written content that truly represents your brand and solidifies a professional image. Keep in mind that PP annotations and shared OneNote pages aren’t recorded for future review.

Creating impressive presentations to support your client engagement session means you deliver your message with value-packed information that is error free. Keep your font colors and background simple, so your message is clear. And, remember to include information about how you protect privacy and enhance online security, and any legal recording statements, at the beginning of your conversation.

Integrating Skype for Business Call Recording with Your Existing Telephony & Communications Technology

Don’t use Office 365? No problem. That won’t stop you from reaping the benefits of Skype for Business. Now that you can see how easy it is to set up Skype, you may need more information about adding this solution to your customer engagement strategy. At ATIS Digital, we can help with that. Our skilled technicians are professional unified communications experts with the experience to guide you whether you are just looking for answers to basic questions or you want to update your infrastructure with a turnkey solution that records all conversation media. Give us a call to arrange a demo today.

ATIS Welcomes MARIST to the ATIS end-user Family

Campus Public Safety

Marist Campus Public Safety is headed by Director John Blaisdell and on February 2017 selected ATIS as the provider for Radio & Phone recording solutions.

All Security Officers are NYS Certified by the Department of State. MC Safety is a 7/24 operation with 73 officers that cover over 210 acres, 75 buildings & 34 student housing facilities. Marist has a 191 Million Dollar operating budget with a regional impact of 439 million a year. ATIS Phone & Radio Recording is proud to be selected as part of the continued robust Campus Safety Vision at Marist College DPS!

How To Record And Play Back A Skype For Business Meeting

Small to mid-sized businesses need cutting edge technology to stay ahead of their competition. Architecting a strong, unified communications system is no longer optional in the current environment. However, many business leaders may not be leveraging the power of their individual system components because they do not invest the necessary time to explore features and capabilities built into their business software. For example, learning how to record and play back a Skype for Business meeting is the first step in gaining ground in the market place, but fully utilizing the software may mean the difference in gaining and keeping customers.

Here are three things you should know beyond just learning how to record and play back a Skype for Business meeting with clients, employees and other stakeholders to enhance competitive performance.

You Can Prepare In Advance For More Productive Skype for Business Meetings in Office 365

Skype for Business and Microsoft’s Office 365 integrate seamlessly. You can have total confidence your recordings are compliant and secure while facilitating highly productive collaboration. By uploading team documents prior to starting the meeting, you ensure all attendees with permissions can actively participate in real-time content development from the first minute they join the conversation.

Learning How to Record and Play Back a Skype for Business Meeting Serves a Global Team

Leverage new Skype for Business features which provide live closed captioning services (translation and transcription functionality) allowing meeting participants access to verbal content in their preferred language. The premiere offering translates four spoken languages – English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese; however more language options will be released in the coming months, according to Microsoft. These features are available via Skype Meeting Broadcast in Office 365.

Customize Incoming Call Options

You never have to miss another call. With Simultaneous Ring features, you can set up your Skype for Business calls to simultaneously ring on both your VoIP connected telephony and your mobile or another phone number. You also have other options that include answering an incoming call while attending a Skype for Business meeting, responding to incoming calls via email or chat, or simply call forwarding to a designated voice mail box.

Microsoft continues to launch innovative updates to their signature Skype for Business communications toolbox for small to medium sized businesses. There are options for operations with only a few employees, those who want to bring 200-250 stakeholders together, and big-guns, such as Skype Meeting Broadcast which allows business leaders to invite 10,000 attendees to “giant” sales force or shareholder conferences. And, whether you prefer to retire your existing phone banks to transition to the cloud, keep your existing PBX system or design a hybrid network, you won’t have to invest heavily in new technology to maximize potential throughout your organization.

For more information about learning how to record and play back a Skype for Business meeting, or get details on the newest features and functionality, contact an ATIS Digital communications consultant.

Digital Drives Call Center Operations Management Decisions

The call center concept is not new – operators began routing calls shortly after the telephone was invented in the late 19th century. The evolution from an operator simply answering an incoming call and connecting the two parties on a common trunk line to cloud-based systems that utilize “intuitive” internal technology that ensures callers reach the best agent to assist them is nothing short of astonishing. Where success in the first answering service settings established in the first half of the 20th century revolved around exceptional operator skills, call center operations management decisions in the 21st century are driven by digital innovations.

Innovative Communication Technology Drives Call Center Operations Decisions

Accuracy and detail call documentation continue to be important for all call centers; however, today digital data also provides information that managers and division leaders can use to reduce operating expenses, enhance customer service, better allocate resources and save lives.

The EMS offices in Volusia County, Florida are using modern communication system features built into their call recording and tracking software to streamline call center operations toward better asset management without compromising customer service. By examining call data, the center’s decision-makers determined offering cab vouchers could reduce non-emergency ambulance and fire truck transports each day by ten and six respectively. Callers have the option to refuse cab transports, but so far the new system is helping to ensure emergency transportation is more accessible to people with life-threatening conditions while allowing people with broken teeth and other “minor” health concerns are not left stranded. The new policy has the potential to improve call center operations service delivery and save money for both patients and the EMS center.

Allocating Assets Responsibly For Better Outcomes

The Volusia County EMS decided to make the policy change as a way to more effectively manage human assets in the call center. Whether your organization is looking for solutions to protect financial assets, or similar to the EMS call center operations goal of getting people access to medical personnel quicker, your digital technology supports your organization-wide vision. Along with empowering management to modify policies for better outcomes, leveraging automated call routing capabilities also enhance customer service perceptions by routing incoming calls to agents with the proper skill set and experience to quickly resolve issues. Supervisors can monitor calls in real-time when necessary to ensure every caller receives the level of care they deserve from a professional call center agent.

Maximizing Modern Technology To Improve Profit Margins

Allocating resources wisely is more efficient and cost effective when decisions are made based on facts and reliable, up-to-date data. ATIS Digital offers superior unified communications hardware and software to support call center operations with robust security features to fit every business model. Please watch our short video or contact a network specialist today for more information.

Call Center Recording Equipment: Is it Time to Update Your Network?

Effectively manning an emergency contact center today requires quick-thinking employees who leverage all available resources to respond to diverse situations. Call center recording equipment must be able to capture all types of communication that operators may use to save lives and protect callers from harm.

Real Life Examples Show Why Call Center Recording Equipment is Needed in Every 911 Center

An emergency dispatcher working the Johnston County (North Carolina) inbound phones recently used non-traditional communications tools to help save a woman who was trapped in the trunk of a car after being kidnapped. By texting with the dispatcher, she was able to provide details about where she was and the vehicle she was in without speaking so the conversation was overheard by her abductor.

The Johnston County 911 director, Jason Barbour, told news media he was glad the center had access to a cell phone and he “believes dispatch centers should be updated to provide a similar service from their systems.” Barbour said using technology to its fullest capacity services the public during the “greatest time of need.”

On-duty personnel in the 911 center in Johnston County used a cell phone that wasn’t directly tied into the dispatch system. While they may have access to the conversation transcription via the cell service provider, having multi-channel call center recording equipment in the center could save time, and improve information sharing security. Capturing voice, text and radio communications empowers contact center administrators to review conversations while responding to FOIA requests after certain events and to share data files with need-to-know response teams and other agencies. In a case like the one detailed above, operators have to relay essential information to law enforcement, first responders, the cell phone service providers and other people in route to the area. Instant retrieval and file encryption capability built into public-safety answering points (PSAPs) make it possible to share audio files with multiple agencies quickly and accurately, without compromising client privacy.

Is It Time to Update Your Network?

Every day in a 911 contact center brings new challenges and rewards. In a digitally driven world, having the ability to communicate with clients via VoIP technology, chat lines, texts and conventional telephones and radios is vital. Capturing those conversations provides myriad benefits from replaying voice calls to recreate past events to providing an accurate, legal archive copy for law enforcement preparing a case against a kidnapper.

How would your team have helped the woman trapped in the car? Could you have established contact with text capabilities from your main dashboard? Updating your call center recording equipment does not necessarily mean you have to retire legacy systems and invest in building a new network from the ground up. Many ATIS Digital unified communications modules and software solutions are compatible with existing data and telecom infrastructure, offering seamless integration and rapid deployment. We invite you to schedule a consultation today to discuss best-in-class call center recording equipment upgrades that will help you leverage technology to its fullest to better serve your community.

If You Aren’t Already Using Avaya IP Office Call Recording Software, Here Are Three Things That Might Change Your Mind

The Avaya brand is an industry leader when it comes to providing global solutions that simplify team collaboration and enhance customer service. With a variety of scalable, flexible on-site and web-based business options, Avaya brings organizations and clients together with a fabric-based network that works equally well in the transportation, aviation and public service sectors. The Avaya IP Office call recording option is only one of the many powerful capabilities in the unified communications platform.

Three Reasons To Consider Avaya IP Office Call Recording Solutions

Customers not only expect to be able to communicate effectively with businesses today, they expect you to remember those conversations. Recording customer encounters is only the beginning of building a strong relationship. Rapid retrieval and replay features empower call center and front line staff to review previous calls to gain necessary information to continue the conversation and instill confidence your team is actively listening. Gartner Research shows that almost 90% of business leaders today believe they have to excel in customer service in order to be competitive. With so much riding on your customer engagement, it makes sense to deploy best-fit, top in class technology designed to support superior customer care.

Here are three reasons every organization should consider Avaya IP Office call recording and unified communication solutions.

1.Simple, complex and everything in between.
Whether your organization is looking for a user-friendly solution with single-pane visuals that give an overworked receptionist instant access to call data, or you have a complicated system with multiple sites and you’re looking for an economical platform to accommodate 2,000 users and diverse devices, there is a web-based Office IP solution to fit your circumstances.

2. IP Office delivers more while requiring less.
Not only does IP Office allow you to capture vital conversations over multiple channels, it reduces your physical footprint and requires 50% less memory to support growth and expansion when you need increased capacity. You can even convert a web-based chat into a voice call and offer email document sharing as part of your strategy to develop a richer collaborative environment. The end result is a user-rich experience with robust security features built in that is simpler to install, manage and deploy and fits your organization perfectly.

3. Avaya IP Office complements your business model.
Many businesses have already migrated to cloud-based telephony. However, IP Office seamlessly integrates with traditional, web-based and hybrid communications architecture. Regardless of which model your SMB uses, built-in encryption ensures your call recordings are secure.

If you would like more information about Avaya IP Office call recording capabilities, or you are looking for a budget conscious option to prepare your organization for growth, contact an ATIS Digital representative to schedule a demo or personal consultation.

ATIS Welcomes Berea College to the ATIS end-user Family

Campus Public Safety

Berea College Campus Police headed by Director Lavoyed Hudgins has Officially Deployed the ATIS Hybrid Campus Voice Recorder. Founded 1855 Berea College consistently is ranked as one of the leading private liberal arts colleges in the United States.

Applications Manager David Berliner of ATIS successfully completed PL 3200 installation & Cisco VoIP integration. This latest ATIS project was completed on time and on budget. Securing another extremely satisfied customer!

Five of the Best Skype Call Recorder Uses

Call recording technology is only one component in your unified communications toolbox, but today the features and functionality of your recording system are very important in the quest to control costs and grow your business. The best Skype call recorder uses provide business with opportunities to connect with clients, investors, employees, and protect their assets. ATIS consultants put together this list of the top five reasons to add these advantages to your organization’s unified communication strategy today.

Number One: Expanding conferencing capabilities with the newest, and best Skype call recorder technology.

Skype for Business allows you to bring 250 stakeholders together on one call. That means you can connect everyone without renting a meeting room, or paying for travel expense when you need to hold a company-wide meeting or stockholders’ conference. More efficient, and more cost-effective.

Number Two: Ensuring everyone has access based on internal stakeholder lists.

Along with expanding conferencing capabilities, integrated solutions pull contact and calendar information from Microsoft Outlook to enable instantaneous sharing of your Office letters and documents to support productive conversations.

Number Three: Using automation to improve messaging.

With the updates to Skype for Business and both MAC and iOS apps in October 2016, businesses can now send messages directly in the platform, without opening an app. The Siri API now allows users to send messages via voice to specific contacts from their iOS devices. Plus, updated functionality provides enhanced video calling features and “full-screen” sharing for improved UX during meetings.

Number Four: Use best Sky call recorder features for side-bar conversations.

Skype conferences with crystal clear audio and HD video creates a meeting that almost feels like everyone is in the same room, hearing the exact conversation in real-time. However, there are times during a meeting that leaders needs to consult with someone “in the room” privately. Instant messaging groups or individual attendees makes this possible.

Number Five: Optimizing scheduling and meeting compliance.

The integrated Outlook calendar features allow supervisors, and other meeting organizers, to access personnel schedules when planning meetings. The best Skye call recording features promote stronger security, increased productivity and better financial management. Making sure everyone is available before confirming dates is imperative. And, when the meeting date comes, Presence – the ability to see who is logged in – gives managers a complete list of participants and a record of who failed to show up.

Learn More About The Best Skype Call Recorder Features

We believe the five features above allow business leaders to increase productivity and improve efficiency, but there are many valuable features that make Skype call recorder software a wise choice. We invite you to call a professional ATIS Digital communications specialist today to discuss other benefits such as incorporating polls and question and answer sessions on your recorded meetings.