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Call Center Call Monitoring: Developing Customer Focused Training Policies With Modern Technology

Dec 19, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Richard Branson, Virgin Air Founder and CEO, is credited with saying, “ Clients do not come first. Employees come first.” That may seem like a shocking statement in a world where customer-focused policies are the new norm. However, Branson believes that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the customers. One way to take care of your employees in the contact center is to utilize call center call monitoring technology to design a training program that equips all agents and operators to serve clients with confidence.

Exceptional Leaders Give Their Team Everything They Need to Succeed

Forward thinking executives understand that a comprehensive training program helps reduce operating costs and plays an active role in managing the cost of recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. A well-equipped employee tends to have more confidence, and better communication skills. Call monitoring enhances workplace consistency and reveals weaknesses, or gaps, in skills and knowledge. To deliver superior call center service, your workforce must have the highest quality training possible and the equipment necessary to connect with your clients.

Training: Call Center Call Monitoring Advantages

The ultimate goal of training and professional development is building a workforce with the skills to utilize tools and resources available in the contact center to serve clients and stakeholders. Whether you have chosen to update call center call monitoring software, or your organization is considering a turnkey solution from ATIS Digital like, the Model PL-3200, which supports up to 48 channels of VoIP, analog or digital call data, it is crucial that you take advantage of vendor supplied training. Then, update your current policy and training manuals to reflect the system changes. Monitoring calls ensures every employee has the capability to perform key tasks with confidence and consistency.

Reallocating Valuable Resources: Training for Performance & Self-Reliance

One of the major advantages of installing state-of-the-art call monitoring equipment is the opportunity to reallocate your human resources more effectively. Managers should be able to focus their attention on growing your business, not holding the hands of agents in the contact center. Monitoring live calls to improve training and performance ensures your managers can devote their time to working on core business functions – you’ll know that your workforce across all departments can deliver quality results without continuous supervision and input or project directions.

ATIS Digital Offers Solutions for Training the Workforce in Every Contact Center

Choosing to invest in customized contact center technology, like call center call monitoring solutions, demonstrates your commitment to serving your employees and your clients. Working with our ATIS Digital specialist ensures you will start reaping the benefits of a leaner, more reliable agency immediately. Call us today to schedule a demonstration.

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