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Call Tracker Database Solutions Empower Campus Security Teams

Jul 18, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

College campus security call centers aren’t typically inundated with a sudden surge of calls. However, dormitory fires, reports of suspicious activities and other crisis situations can, and do, occasionally arise. For example, in 2013 there were slightly more than two dozen (27) reported shooting incidents on college campuses in the United States. If not prepared for these rare events, such as the April 2013  MIT shooting of campus security police officer Sean Collier, who lost his life pursuing Boston Bomber suspects, security teams may not have access to the man-power or technology resources to respond appropriately. When an active shooter situation develops, call centers must have the capacity to scale rapidly to capture conversations across all communication channels. To adequately prepare for unique events, campus security teams can use call tracker database records.

Call Tracker Database Management & Agent Performance

Call tracker database records put valuable data in the hands of preparedness officials, human resource departments and other administrators. As an example, records supporting ATIS PhoenixPro phone, radio and data recording equipment , provide detailed information about call volume, originating phone numbers and directions, channels, call duration, the agent taking the call, and time and date. Armed with this information, center administrators can access call tracker database files to:

• Quickly attempt to reestablish disconnected calls during an active event

• Monitor call volume to determine if additional staff should be deployed

• Efficiently manage routine scheduling to control costs without compromising security

• Route calls based on internal hierarchy

• Utilize reports for performance reviews and training purposes

• Search for and retrieve indexed files for sharing with outside agencies when appropriate

Customer-Centric Campus Call Center Services

Campus police and security officers handle a wide variety of call types from routine requests for directions to calls reporting sexual assault and suspicious activities. Deploying high-quality call recording technology is critical in today’s litigious society to preserve potential evidence to support prosecution when a crime is committed. A call tracker database provides myriad benefits that empower campus security departments. Among those benefits are the ability to reallocate payroll dollars by fine-tuning schedules, identify spikes in call volume from certain areas within campus boundaries based on incoming telephone numbers, and assess agent competency based on call duration and dropped calls. Closely monitoring the data behind each call ensures that call centers exploit the full functionality of their unified call center communication equipment and human capital.

Partnering With a Professional Equipment Provider

ATIS Digital provides custom solutions designed for the college campus environment. Please contact a security specialist today to discuss cost effective solutions available to proactively manage center calls and prepare for worst-case scenarios. Reach us by dialing 1-866-871-5390 toll-free.

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