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Data Recording Software & Sales Force Performance

May 15, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Inbound call center performance drives growth for external partners. Professional sales agents and customer service representatives are essentially extensions of the brand.  Call centers answer incoming calls during peak times and are a full time solution for companies with limited staff. Data recording software provides hard evidence the team consistently meets, or exceeds, expectations. Voice capturing technology empowers contact center staff to fine tune their scripts and develop active listening skills.  However, the metrics behind each call assist team members in identifying call patterns and performance trends.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in the Customer Contact Center

Sales teams explore conversion rates. Service oriented teams may access data within MDR call recording technology that demonstrates the length of each call and how many times a customer has to make contact in order to resolve an issue and the average ring duration. Evaluating new-hire performance often means reviewing the impact of attrition rates and low productivity as a measure of training programs. Data recording software allows management to make these evaluations while reviewing as much data as possible.

The Evolution From Call Taker to Resolution Expert

In the next five to ten years, experts believe that contact center encounters will become even more important. This will happen as consumer expectations increase and companies search for cost-effective solutions to meet new demands.

In the past, call centers were tasked with precisely documenting messages so corporate staff had accurate information necessary to assist their customers when time allowed. Today, the call center agents must be professionals with the authority and skill to represent the brand and make informed decisions that resolve issues quickly. However to achieve this laudable goal, key personnel manning the telephones and chat lines need the training, technology and other resources to meet the challenges. Data recording software provides visual insight into the KPI behind each encounter.

Analytics & Customer Engagement

Business intelligence informs organization leaders. Armed with meaningful data, company decision-makers can bridge the gap between consumer expectations and call center performance. The ¨new¨call center will serve two distinct, but highly relevant roles. Primarily, the call center will serve customers as they work together to resolve issues, place orders or share information. The secondary role, is equally important. By deploying call capturing technology and data recording software, the call center will essentially become a proving ground that drives tactical and strategic innovations. Every call will become an opportunity to improve productivity and customer experiences. This evolution will blur the lines between call center agent roles and brand-consumer relationships.

Data Recording Software:  The Bottom Line for Business Owners

Deploying state-of-the-art call capturing technology and data recording software in the call center is essential for every business who values custom relationships. The call center must accurately reflect the overall company culture and pursue the same operational and financial goals for the partnership to work. ATIS Digital offers scalable, cost-effective solutions to help your team measure contact center performance and redefine your customer service platform. Call us today for more information.

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