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Digital Drives Call Center Operations Management Decisions

Feb 16, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

The call center concept is not new – operators began routing calls shortly after the telephone was invented in the late 19th century. The evolution from an operator simply answering an incoming call and connecting the two parties on a common trunk line to cloud-based systems that utilize “intuitive” internal technology that ensures callers reach the best agent to assist them is nothing short of astonishing. Where success in the first answering service settings established in the first half of the 20th century revolved around exceptional operator skills, call center operations management decisions in the 21st century are driven by digital innovations.

Innovative Communication Technology Drives Call Center Operations Decisions

Accuracy and detail call documentation continue to be important for all call centers; however, today digital data also provides information that managers and division leaders can use to reduce operating expenses, enhance customer service, better allocate resources and save lives.

The EMS offices in Volusia County, Florida are using modern communication system features built into their call recording and tracking software to streamline call center operations toward better asset management without compromising customer service. By examining call data, the center’s decision-makers determined offering cab vouchers could reduce non-emergency ambulance and fire truck transports each day by ten and six respectively. Callers have the option to refuse cab transports, but so far the new system is helping to ensure emergency transportation is more accessible to people with life-threatening conditions while allowing people with broken teeth and other “minor” health concerns are not left stranded. The new policy has the potential to improve call center operations service delivery and save money for both patients and the EMS center.

Allocating Assets Responsibly For Better Outcomes

The Volusia County EMS decided to make the policy change as a way to more effectively manage human assets in the call center. Whether your organization is looking for solutions to protect financial assets, or similar to the EMS call center operations goal of getting people access to medical personnel quicker, your digital technology supports your organization-wide vision. Along with empowering management to modify policies for better outcomes, leveraging automated call routing capabilities also enhance customer service perceptions by routing incoming calls to agents with the proper skill set and experience to quickly resolve issues. Supervisors can monitor calls in real-time when necessary to ensure every caller receives the level of care they deserve from a professional call center agent.

Maximizing Modern Technology To Improve Profit Margins

Allocating resources wisely is more efficient and cost effective when decisions are made based on facts and reliable, up-to-date data. ATIS Digital offers superior unified communications hardware and software to support call center operations with robust security features to fit every business model. Please watch our short video or contact a network specialist today for more information.

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