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Do You Have the Right Call Recording Software for Call Center Performance?


Modern call recording software for call center environments provides many advantages for organizations across almost every sector today. From financial institutions wanting to improve regulatory compliance to e-commerce enterprises interested in increasing conversion rates, conversations drive relationships building. And, having the ability to review each conversation gives business leaders opportunities to improve organization-wide efficiency and effectiveness. The key to getting the most benefit from your software is making sure you have the right software to support your contact center goals and objectives.

An ideal fit helps the customer contact center serve the client and the business. Implementing a call recording policy utilizing software furnished with the following standard features is a good place to start.

Features of Call Recording Software for Call Center Performance

The Capability to Protect Sensitive Information

Every call center should have the ability to mask sensitive information. PCI compliance requires businesses who record calls to be able to prevent personal contact information, social security numbers, dates of birth and other vital data from unauthorized listening. Look for call recording software for call center applications that allows pausing (or periods of silence) during an active call, the ability to stop recording when a caller is sharing personal information and functionality that allows administrators to render audio files “unsearchable” for certain parameters.

The Capability to Enhance Training & Agent Performance

Live monitoring and rapid playback reduce order management errors associated with human error. E-commerce retailers and logistics enterprises benefit from review calls that trigger order shipments or vehicle dispatching. By reducing human errors, businesses reduce operating expenses and improve profit potential.

The Capability to Share Key Segments

Extracting certain sections of a call recording can greatly improve customer service training. Reviewing calls helps trainers identify strengths and weakness in both agent performance and training protocol. With ATIS Digital call recording software for call center applications, Human Resource departments are able to develop self-training resources that allow agents to listen to designated files using password protected access, without compromising security or privacy. Bookmarking file sections improves performance benchmarking and makes it easier to explain performance grades to employees based on recordings.

Training and error reduction are not the only reasons an organization may want to share files. Encrypted file sharing is an essential element in emergency contact centers and public service settings. Some organizations, such as aviation industry businesses, may need to reconstruct an incident using radio, radar, voice and VoIP devices. In this case, sharing files with external agencies is the fastest, most efficient method.

Deploying call recording software to improve call center performance hinges on choosing the right software solutions. The best way to ensure you select the best solution for your organization is to create a workflow chart based on normal operations. An ATIS Digital unified communication specialist can help you explore innovative solutions customized for your call center needs. Please call today to schedule a personal consultation focusing on call recording software for call center needs.

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