What happens to the data if power is lost?

In the event of a power loss the system has an automatic Data Recovery Routine that will reconstruct the data on the Instant Recall Buffer and the Archive
Media. When the recovery procedure is complete, the system will revert to the previous mode of operation (i.e., recording).

How many archive drives are available and what are their recording options?

Each system offers as a standard, dual 4.7Gb DVD-RAM drives. Single archive drive systems are available at customer requests. Dual drive systems can be configured to record in sequential mode or parallel. In sequential mode one drive will record while the other is in standby. With dual drive systems, either drive can be designated as a primary drive. In parallel mode both drives record identical copies for redundancy. The drives may also be configured to operate in a play/record manner, one drive record, one drive play, etc.

Does the system provide loop playback? Multi-channel playback?

Yes, the system provides a loop-mode for playback allowing operators to continuously replay the same portion of the recording. Also operators can export a predefined loop as a .wav file. The recorder also has the ability to emulate a reel-to-reel recorder with multi-channel play. This is an advanced feature of the ATIS recording system offered as a standard. With multi-channel play, operators may select up to 8 channels for real-time playback or as the recording took place.