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Five of the Best Skype Call Recorder Uses

Jan 23, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Call recording technology is only one component in your unified communications toolbox, but today the features and functionality of your recording system are very important in the quest to control costs and grow your business. The best Skype call recorder uses provide business with opportunities to connect with clients, investors, employees, and protect their assets. ATIS consultants put together this list of the top five reasons to add these advantages to your organization’s unified communication strategy today.

Number One: Expanding conferencing capabilities with the newest, and best Skype call recorder technology.

Skype for Business allows you to bring 250 stakeholders together on one call. That means you can connect everyone without renting a meeting room, or paying for travel expense when you need to hold a company-wide meeting or stockholders’ conference. More efficient, and more cost-effective.

Number Two: Ensuring everyone has access based on internal stakeholder lists.

Along with expanding conferencing capabilities, integrated solutions pull contact and calendar information from Microsoft Outlook to enable instantaneous sharing of your Office letters and documents to support productive conversations.

Number Three: Using automation to improve messaging.

With the updates to Skype for Business and both MAC and iOS apps in October 2016, businesses can now send messages directly in the platform, without opening an app. The Siri API now allows users to send messages via voice to specific contacts from their iOS devices. Plus, updated functionality provides enhanced video calling features and “full-screen” sharing for improved UX during meetings.

Number Four: Use best Sky call recorder features for side-bar conversations.

Skype conferences with crystal clear audio and HD video creates a meeting that almost feels like everyone is in the same room, hearing the exact conversation in real-time. However, there are times during a meeting that leaders needs to consult with someone “in the room” privately. Instant messaging groups or individual attendees makes this possible.

Number Five: Optimizing scheduling and meeting compliance.

The integrated Outlook calendar features allow supervisors, and other meeting organizers, to access personnel schedules when planning meetings. The best Skye call recording features promote stronger security, increased productivity and better financial management. Making sure everyone is available before confirming dates is imperative. And, when the meeting date comes, Presence – the ability to see who is logged in – gives managers a complete list of participants and a record of who failed to show up.

Learn More About The Best Skype Call Recorder Features

We believe the five features above allow business leaders to increase productivity and improve efficiency, but there are many valuable features that make Skype call recorder software a wise choice. We invite you to call a professional ATIS Digital communications specialist today to discuss other benefits such as incorporating polls and question and answer sessions on your recorded meetings.

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