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How do I record my business Skype-to-phone calls?

Apr 24, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Establishing, or upgrading, an enterprise contact center can be complex and confusing. The decision whether to implement a UC plan that is primarily cloud-based, utilizes only legacy telephony and on-site software, or combines both is often driven by budgets and financial constraints. Skype, whether used with on-site servers or cloud solutions, is a powerful, flexible business communications tool that can simplifies call center recording activities. With so many benefits, you may be wondering how to get started.

How Do I Record My Business Skype-to-phone Calls?

Before we can answer the question, “How do I record my business Skype-to-phone calls?” we should take a quick look at why so many business leaders are moving toward Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), like Skype for Business Cloud PBX, Ring Central and dozens of other web-based options and apps that simplify recording visual and audio interactions. Forward-thinking call center managers recognize these three major advantages of navigating toward cloud solutions, including Skype for Business.

1. Budget-friendly. The “cost of ownership” for cloud solutions continues to drop as more and more companies adopt web-based calling and recording solutions. Zero maintenance expense compared to the price tag of managing multi-server systems on-site is especially attractive for communications managers facing tight financial constraints.

2. Flexibility and Built-in Security. UCaaS software is automatically updated to keep security rigorous. Plus, communications Platform as a Service (cPaas) providers continuously work to bring innovative new service options to support faster expansion and more flexibility to scale on demand to respond to sudden call volume surges. This includes increasing the “room size” in Skype meetings to enable larger teams to collaborate efficiently, without geographical boundaries.

3. Cloud Performance is Virtually Limitless. The cloud has proven itself a viable option for small-, medium- and enterprise organizations. UCaaS and cPaaS providers have shown a willingness to partner with entrepreneurs and established software engineers to improve services and functionality rather than limiting grow and innovation to a central team. The result is Microsoft’s Skype for Business continues evolving to fit the changing needs of communication teams across all industries.

Communications directors who see communications integration as a pathway to optimize workflow and streamline service delivery, will see cloud solutions as a good fit for their organizations. Skype for Business combines the best features of legacy public switched telephone networks and desktop business tools – putting voice, print, email, document sharing, images, virtual meetings and cloud-based, shared workrooms in one, easy-to-manage communications tool box.

Next Steps

Are you convinced it is time to take Skype for Business call recording solutions for a test drive? Give an ATIS Digital representative a call and ask How do I record my business Skype-to-phone calls? Your personal consultant will ask a few questions about your existing hardware and software and then walk you through the process.

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