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How Recording a Telephone Call Improves Contact Center Performance

Aug 22, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

There are a number of reasons an organization may choose to implement call recording policies. Financial institutions often capture voice calls to document regulatory compliance. Emergency command centers utilize audio and visual records to facilitate agency coordination during extreme weather events. In the air traffic control tower, digital voice files can be critical for reconstructing in-flight accidents. With the proper technology, recording a telephone call is an easy, and cost-effective solution to enhance training, improve customer experiences and generate new revenue streams.

Recording a Telephone Call to Enhance Training Programs

Advanced technology empowers company leaders to address quality assurance and contact management challenges head on. Organizations of every size from small businesses to mega-corporations and government entities utilize voice capturing software and equipment to accomplish a broad array of business objectives such as reducing legal liability, improving risk management and ensuring every customer touch-point creates positive experiences. Regardless of the business objective, enhanced training will help you reach your goals.

Here are three ways Advantage MDR applications assist organizations in redesigning training programs to achieve quality benchmarks.

1. Report generation capabilities enable contact management teams to analyze every call for opportunities to improve quality of service delivery. Customizable reports allow users to review calls based on performance-specific parameters that include incoming call number, ring duration, agent taking call, active channel, date, time and other factors. This means supervisors can establish recording schedules, monitor specific phone numbers or agents and access files for rapid replay or sharing based on hard data and not supposition.

2. Live monitoring and playback. Recording a telephone call won’t provide benefits unless system features are user friendly and support a unified communications program. The ideal system offers one-click channel access, capability to monitor multiple channels simultaneously and to listen to both active calls and completed customer interactions.

3. Reports and audio files are indexed for easy search and electronic sharing. Recording a telephone call for the purpose of sharing encrypted audio files enables emergency response teams in the field to access data through any web-connected device. User-friendly systems enhance rapid response training while graphs and charts provide a visual representation of the entire interaction with each customer, allowing administrators to quickly assess agent readiness and competencies.

Equipping the Contact Center Staff with Best-Fit Call Capture Technology

The best way to improve service quality is through on-going training and support. Equipping contact center staff with the resources and skills to serve your client base is critical whether your organization provides public safety services or supports an e-Commerce enterprise with customer service agents.

When you need a full suite of products to manage the customer journey, consider ATIS Digital. Our communications technology will help you create a training program that serves your staff and your customers from the first point of contact until the interaction is successfully completed. Visit our website to watch a video demonstration or call a professional ATIS unified communications expert today toll-free at 1-866-871-5390.

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