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How to Record a Skype for Business Call to Build Client Confidence


Are you wondering how to record a Skype for business call to build stronger client relationships? Skype is an excellent tool for demonstrating products, offering one-on-one tutorials and sharing files, like contracts or service schedules. However, before you find out which buttons to push and decide who to invite to your conference, there’s an important issue to consider. Privacy. Before using any voice capturing technology, including Skype for Business engagement solutions, check with your legal team. In some states, recording any conversations without first getting consent from all participants is illegal.

Recording a Skype for Business Call

There are many apps for recording calls and several different ways you can approach documenting client conversations. So, there isn’t really one set of instructions. But, if you’re using Skype for Business in Office 365, the process is very simple. After you install the software on your computer, follow these five steps to prepare for recording conversations with clients.

1. Navigate to the Office 365 “administration center.”

2. Click on the “Service Settings” tab.

3. Select “Manage Settings in the Skype for Business Administration Center.”

4. On the “Users” page, edit the list to allow authorized users to start and record Skype conversations. You can revisit the page to change user lists as often as you like.

5. Finally, select “Click and Record Conversations and Meetings” on the “Options Page.” Remember to save your settings before exiting so your changes are updated.

How to Record a Skype for Business Call that Builds Client Confidence & Trust

Just mastering the setup and learning where the record, pause and resume buttons are on the screen isn’t enough to bolster confidence or build relationships. The built-in 365 features allow you to create impressive presentations for your meeting. Your recording will capture audio and HD Video, both program and Desktop sharing sessions and attachments shared during your meeting. You will also have a record of PowerPoint (PP) and whiteboard presentations, which gives you an opportunity to add visual and written content that truly represents your brand and solidifies a professional image. Keep in mind that PP annotations and shared OneNote pages aren’t recorded for future review.

Creating impressive presentations to support your client engagement session means you deliver your message with value-packed information that is error free. Keep your font colors and background simple, so your message is clear. And, remember to include information about how you protect privacy and enhance online security, and any legal recording statements, at the beginning of your conversation.

Integrating Skype for Business Call Recording with Your Existing Telephony & Communications Technology

Don’t use Office 365? No problem. That won’t stop you from reaping the benefits of Skype for Business. Now that you can see how easy it is to set up Skype, you may need more information about adding this solution to your customer engagement strategy. At ATIS Digital, we can help with that. Our skilled technicians are professional unified communications experts with the experience to guide you whether you are just looking for answers to basic questions or you want to update your infrastructure with a turnkey solution that records all conversation media. Give us a call to arrange a demo today.

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