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How To Record And Play Back A Skype For Business Meeting

Feb 20, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Small to mid-sized businesses need cutting edge technology to stay ahead of their competition. Architecting a strong, unified communications system is no longer optional in the current environment. However, many business leaders may not be leveraging the power of their individual system components because they do not invest the necessary time to explore features and capabilities built into their business software. For example, learning how to record and play back a Skype for Business meeting is the first step in gaining ground in the market place, but fully utilizing the software may mean the difference in gaining and keeping customers.

Here are three things you should know beyond just learning how to record and play back a Skype for Business meeting with clients, employees and other stakeholders to enhance competitive performance.

You Can Prepare In Advance For More Productive Skype for Business Meetings in Office 365

Skype for Business and Microsoft’s Office 365 integrate seamlessly. You can have total confidence your recordings are compliant and secure while facilitating highly productive collaboration. By uploading team documents prior to starting the meeting, you ensure all attendees with permissions can actively participate in real-time content development from the first minute they join the conversation.

Learning How to Record and Play Back a Skype for Business Meeting Serves a Global Team

Leverage new Skype for Business features which provide live closed captioning services (translation and transcription functionality) allowing meeting participants access to verbal content in their preferred language. The premiere offering translates four spoken languages – English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese; however more language options will be released in the coming months, according to Microsoft. These features are available via Skype Meeting Broadcast in Office 365.

Customize Incoming Call Options

You never have to miss another call. With Simultaneous Ring features, you can set up your Skype for Business calls to simultaneously ring on both your VoIP connected telephony and your mobile or another phone number. You also have other options that include answering an incoming call while attending a Skype for Business meeting, responding to incoming calls via email or chat, or simply call forwarding to a designated voice mail box.

Microsoft continues to launch innovative updates to their signature Skype for Business communications toolbox for small to medium sized businesses. There are options for operations with only a few employees, those who want to bring 200-250 stakeholders together, and big-guns, such as Skype Meeting Broadcast which allows business leaders to invite 10,000 attendees to “giant” sales force or shareholder conferences. And, whether you prefer to retire your existing phone banks to transition to the cloud, keep your existing PBX system or design a hybrid network, you won’t have to invest heavily in new technology to maximize potential throughout your organization.

For more information about learning how to record and play back a Skype for Business meeting, or get details on the newest features and functionality, contact an ATIS Digital communications consultant.

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