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Legally Recording Conversations For Training Purposes

Sep 14, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Legally recording conversations in a call center environment extends beyond just notifying the party or parties being recorded. Organizations have to consider both the positive and negative benefits of documenting telephone, text and radio communications. On one hand, archived records may help you protect yourself from legal challenges. However, those same files may be used against you if a caller claims you improperly handled files during review or storage procedures.

Protecting Employee Privacy: Establishing a Contact Center Recording Schedule

The differentiating factor between a good call center and an excellent one is often customer service. Using recordings from your top contact center agents as a training resource is one way to benchmark service standards. If you’ve decided to implement a policy that includes monitoring and reviewing calls, your next step is determining which calls are captured. You may choose to record every call, set up a part-time, revolving schedule or only record key personnel.

When the sole purpose for recording conversations is to enhance customer care, your lawyers may have informed you about all the technical aspects of legally recording conversations, but did you discuss personal calls on company phones? Different courts interpret privacy laws differently. If you implement a full-time, all lines recording policy, you must inform employees that every incoming call, even personal calls, will be recorded prior to capturing 100% of your inbound and outbound calls. It may be better if you provide a lobby or break room phone for personal use to avoid potential privacy issues.

Legally Recording Conversations: Protecting Consumer Information

Along with protecting employee privacy, you must respect consumers’ right to privacy also. ATIS Digital voice capturing technology enables supervisors and authorized employees to monitor and review archived files before handing them over to HR for training purposes. Masking technology maintains vital information, without compromising security. This means that identifying information, such as names, account numbers and addresses, aren’t heard during training exercises, but if a situation arises where the company needs to defend a legal challenge, the file can be restored and shared with authorities.

Establishing A Stellar Call Center With Voice Capturing Equipment

State-of-the-art call center technology empowers businesses to efficiently, reliably and securely serve customers in every industry. With integrated systems that allow simultaneous, multi-channel recording and monitoring, contact center teams position themselves to turn each customer touch point into an exceptional experience that builds brand loyalty. The key to successfully implementing a training policy that includes legally recording conversations, without compromising service standards, is partnering with an equipment and software provider that understands your business and respects your clients. ATIS Digital offers a full range of best-in-class call capture technology designed to meet the needs of your demanding customers. Call today, or send us a secure message via our website email, to learn how our products can help you serve your clients better while legally recording conversations.

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