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Leveraging Automatic Call Recording Technology in Emergency Contact Centers


Automatic call recording technology documents business transactions, facilitates compliance and empowers managers to monitor customer service quality. Call centers serve almost every industry. Banks, universities, online retailers, public safety command centers, hospitals and air-traffic control teams routinely use recording devices to capture voice and text communications.

For some organizations, recording every incoming and outbound call may primarily serve as a preventative measure to avoid lawsuits and negative sanctions. However, most would agree that every emergency response center needs reliable, redundant communication tools that never interfere with operations because every call could be a matter of life and death.

Simplicity Enhances Safety: User Friendly Automatic Call Recording Systems Are User-Friendly

Voice recording solutions alone are not sufficient for emergency response environments. Leading edge communication systems like the ATIS PhoenixPro, support chat, screen and video communications as well because not every contact begins with a telephone call, and the nature of responding to an urgent situation means the team in the field is mobile. Although coordinating a rapid response is complex, equipment should be easy to deploy, user friendly and responsive. Ideal systems combine multi-channel monitoring within the same server, thereby reducing vulnerabilities.To effectively serve the community, call center agents need flexible solutions capable of communicating via trunked radio equipment, VoIP calls, text and chat channels and traditional line-land telecommunications devices. Especially in environments that require archiving every call, automatic call recording equipment is essential.

Preserving Incoming Calls

Unlike retail operations and campus security departments who may decide to establish part-time voice capturing policies, emergency response teams must preserve every call. Automatic call recording ensures agents can focus on the caller and not have to worry about starting the recording. When a call comes in, agents react instinctively. After-the-incident analysis enables supervisors to continuously monitor service delivery quality. Recording systems provide mechanisms to seamlessly integrate response and training functions.

Encrypted, password protected files protect privacy while providing a comprehensive, accurate record of an emergency event from the point of contact until the situation is resolved. Indexing and tagging capabilities facilitate rapid retrieval and file sharing between internal departments and agencies on a need-to-know basis.

Transition to Automatic Call Recording Technology with ATIS Digital Solutions

When an emergency event happens in the community, emergency responders need the tools and support to respond calmly and efficiently. Complex systems add stress and distraction. Simple, state-of-the-art solutions empower call center teams to handle the call professionally, and communication capturing equipment provides a window of opportunity to improve performance, one contact at a time.

Emergency call center agents already have a stressful work environment. They deserve a user-friendly call capturing system that allows them to focus on the caller. ATIS Digital provides a full spectrum of equipment designed specifically for emergency response centers. If you need a budget-friendly system to enhance service deliver while supporting operational goals, call today to schedule a free demo.

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