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Leveraging the Power of Network Data Logging Software to Monitor Performance


Many industries from aviation and medical to retail and transportation rely on voice recording technology to document conversations. Making a digital copy of telephone and radio communications for later review is helpful for training and compliance purposes. However, exploiting the data behind each interaction on your network gives you tighter control over enterprise finances. It also enhances network security and improves customer retention rates. The type of network data logging software you use should complement your internal workflow and organizational needs.

3 Types of Network Data Logging Software Solutions

The analytics associated with communications traffic provide powerful insights into overall performance across all departments and all devices on the network. The most common logging software and hardware solutions involve simply collecting data and transferring that data to storage. This can be done using either cloud-based file lockers or removable storage devices such as disk or tape. Once stored, the data is available for later review and analysis.

Depending on your organization’s preferences and application needs, you may choose turnkey, programmable or configurable network data logging software solutions. When you need to deploy the system quickly for mobile field operations and you want a a user-friendly setup that doesn’t require extensive coding or programming to start capturing traffic, turnkey solutions like the ATIS Model PL-2000DT may be the perfect fit. The compact PL-2000DT comes with network data logging software capabilities. They will let you monitor communication live or acquire data for review later. Also, it is fully compatible with analog, VoIP and digital telephonic equipment.

“Out-of-the-box turnkey call capture solutions are extremely easy to use and work well any a variety of environments. But programmable and configurable data logging solutions allow organizations to expand functionality. For example, programmable options allow users to include alarms and triggers to their performance monitoring program without extensive coding skills. The most powerful network data logging software enables IT teams to fully customize your network based on application needs and system requirements. Regardless of whether you choose a programmable, configurable or turnkey solution, ATIS engineers can work with you to ensure the system you design is a best-fit, low-cost addition to your call management protocol.

Using the Collected Data to Enhance Performance

Deciphering the background data associated with call traffic is vital to accurately assessing operator and equipment performance. Analyzing call duration, ring time, dropped calls, call origination data and other performance indicators, you can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in your organization. Ideal software solutions organize collected data in ways that make it easier for you to analyze and share in secure formats.

Need a low-cost, call capturing system specifically designed for your organization? ATIS can help you combine best-fit hardware and network data logging software options. We’ll work with you to architect a system specially for your environment and application needs. Call us toll-free at 1-866-871-5390 to discuss your unique operational needs and system requirements.

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