Never Worry about Lost Data or Drive Fragmentation with ATIS Digital Products

The constant level of stress endured by air traffic control technicians is tremendous. Heading up an air traffic control center means being responsible for the efficient and safe flow of airplanes full of people. You already have plenty to worry about at work – you certainly don’t need to add the stress of a flaky voice recording system.

Voice Recording Technology for Air Traffic Control

Today’s air traffic control industry requires reliably clear and consistent voice recording technology. Keeping thousands of aircraft operating within safe airspace demands it. And in a worst-case scenario, investigators must be able to capture voice recordings of the events that led up to any incident. There is no room for equipment failure or recording distortion. Does your organization’s voice recording system meet these demands?

ATIS Digital Solutions for Air Traffic Control

For over 30 years, ATIS has worked hard to bring to market the clearest, most reliable voice recording technology. The ATIS MDR 128/512 system combines a Windows-based software program with multi-channel recording capabilities. It provides the technical stability you need with the user-friendly
interface you want. Check out a sampling of the benefits of our voice recording products:

  • Q50 hardened for maximum security
  • Dynamic interface allows for detailed recording analytics
  • Next Gen 911 compliant
  • Instant core buffer rebuild technology recovers data following a power loss
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance
  • Fully customizable platforms allow individualized system set-up

Air Traffic Control Needs ATIS Digital Technology

Converting your old voice recording system over to one of our state of the art products is easier than you think. ATIS Digital offers full-service installation, customization, and maintenance services for our customers. Our multi-channel voice recording system will exceed your expectations and fulfill your organization’s needs.
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