Public Safety

Public Safety

ATIS Advantage Recording Solutions for PSAP – Public-Safety Answering Point

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A public-safety answering point (PSAP) is a call center responsible for answering calls to an emergency phone number for police, firefighting, and
ambulance services. Trained call takers are responsible for dispatching these emergency services. Decisions have to be made in seconds.
Did dispatch respond in time? Was the appropriate unit dispatched to the right location? Was time lost because of confusion about the right course of action? These are questions the injured party may ask and wants answered.
ATIS voice logging recorders have long served as a reliable source of “after the fact” analyses of incidents and provided real time access to difficult to understand emergency calls (instant recall).
Because of the uniqueness of PSAPs (old tech meets new tech, CAD, location services, etc.), ATIS logging recorders are adaptable for integration into the data and telecom infrastructure of any PSAP.

ATIS voice logging systems provide:

Integration: Interface to the available information (ANI/ALI, Geo Coordinates, GPS, SMS, E-mail, etc.)
Capture: Record (Store) the available information in a user friendly and searchable form
Archive: Archives the captured voice and data for a pre-determined period (on HDD, NAS, DVD, etc.
Analyze: Timeline replay of all captured incident information as it happened during the incident and more…

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