Organizations searching for a voice recording system have many options available to them. This type of technology has grown far beyond air traffic controllers and emergency responders. Today’s customer service agents are recorded all day long to improve operators’ performance constantly. This growing demand for voice recording solutions has led to drastic improvements in the technologies used.

Two Types of Voice Recording Systems

Today’s voice recording systems fall into two general categories.

1. Online voice recording applications operate on common web browsers. These products are therefore easy to install and require little physical equipment. If you have a microphone and a decent computer, you can start using online voice recording technology almost immediately.

2. Call recording hardware uses hard drives to record and store calls. While these systems require the purchase of hard drive towers, they offer ease of mind that you won’t experience with an online system. Call recording hardware will operate smoothly without relying on the internet, and is therefore less susceptible to hackers.

Which Voice Recording System is Right for You?

The answer to this question depends on the problems your organization needs to solve. The online system is robust and flexible enough to handle many offices’ daily operations. But if it’s secure storage you really need, the call recording hardware is probably a better choice.

You must also consider the amount of time and money you can afford to invest in the system installation. An online system will be operational right away; all you will have to do is customize it to suit your organization’s structure and functions. The call recording hardware operation involves delivery, installation, and set-up. Ponder these aspects of the choice to come to the right decision for your company.

Need More Help Choosing a Voice Recording System?

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