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Planning for the Future with Avaya Call Recording Solutions

Nov 28, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Organizations, public entities, aviation industry companies and others who communicate with their clients and associates via digital communication channels must take steps to protect their assets and their external partners. For example, all computers, recording devices and software should be password protected, have adequate firewalls, dual back-up systems, and encryption capabilities when sharing or secure access is necessary. Managing digital communication files effectively helps all businesses prepare for the future by creating easy to access records for future use. Here are three ways Avaya call recording solutions help you prepare for the future.

Documenting Conversations With Avaya Call Recording Solutions

Avaya call recording solutions offer end-to-end protection against unauthorized access, which ensures if any legal authority requests a complete, unadulterated copy of a conversation in the future, you can quickly comply with these orders. And, the same files can be used to update training policies by utilizing masking technology that prevents sensitive information from being seen or heard without proper credentials.

Implementing a Call Recording Policy That Protects All Assets

When an organization records customer and employee interactions, there is an expectation of privacy and security. However, organizations need the tools and resources to analyze the costs associated with these conversations, too. An ideal system provides opportunities to parse system data in regards to applicability, risks, scalability and responsiveness in a customer-centric call center. With Avaya call recording solutions, management has access to critical data that enables on-demand access to information about call volume, channel activity, conversation date and time, and recording schedules. These vital statistics provide performance metrics that will help your organization plan for future expansions, respond to crises more efficiently and improve revenue potential based on historical data.

Streamlining Internal Workflow

One of the most challenging tasks for some organizations is re-mapping workflow – optimizing employee performance by altering the workflow patterns to meet the high demands of customers without increasing operational costs. Recording telephone, text, radio and VoIP communication helps businesses of every size identify agents or processes that are slowing down your team. Armed with back-office analytics, supervisors can see which agents are producing quality results and which need additional training or reassignment. Your Avaya call recording solutions also provide user-friendly equipment designed to improve workflow patterns, relieve stress on employees and enhance customer experience, at a price-point to fit every budget.

Planning for the Future with ATIS Digital Call Capturing Solutions

Preparing for the future doesn’t necessarily mean making dramatic changes. Sometimes, simple changes can help an organization gain tighter control of their finances and reduce risks associated with poor performance or eliminate customer service deficiencies before they turn into major headaches.

If your organization is looking for call capturing technology to help you prepare for the future, contact ATIS Digital. We offer a wide area of solutions designed to help you deliver exceptional customer service and collect, share and manage your files more effectively. Dial 1-866-871-5390 and speak to a unified communication specialist today.

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