ATIS Advantage MDR

Atis Advantage MDR

ATIS MDR 128/512

The MDR application is based on the time proven ATIS recording surface which minimizes the risk of hard drive fragmentation. The application runs on MS Windows platforms. The Software Suite consist of the MDR main recording engine, a thin Search and Replay Client, a thin Instant Recall Client, and a thin System Administrator Client.

The MDR main recoding engine is the perfect choice for standalone recording systems because there is no need for any client application.

One View Graphical User Interface

The one view graphical user interface shows all important functions such as:
(A) recording activity
(B) status of removable media drives
(C) number of recordings available for fast access and replay
No need to navigate through multiple menus. A message window with audible support
alerts the operator to all system warnings and errors.

Recording Channel Map

All recording ports (Channels) installed in the system are displayed in the
“Channels” window.
Each channel status is indicated by colors:

Listening & Navigating within a Live Call

Clicking on a channel icon opens the live call monitoring window with fast rewind capability. Open up to 6 live calls for listening.

Search & Playback

All calls are first recorded to the secure recording surface IR buffer.

Search and Playback is initiated by clicking the < Play > button in the IR buffer window. Useful information like available time period for replay or total number of calls in the period are included too.


After clicking PLAY the search window appears.
Search by:

  • Recording port
  • Called or calling number
  • Call duration
  • Recording port name
  • Call direction


After the search, the returned calls can be played.
Controls include:

  • FFW
  • FRW
  • Pause
  • Next
  • Previous
  • Loop volume
  • Digital silence encoding

Extracting & Converting Calls

All calls are in a secured format.

To make the call(s) playable on widely use players, they must be extracted and converted.

Two file formats are available:

  • .mp3
  • .wav

Choose the ATIS file format if calls must maintain the secure format but need to played outside the recorder.

Recording Schedules

Create schedules and save them.

  • Set up to three recording sessions per day.
  • Select the days the schedule should run.
  • Assign channels to schedules.

Storage Devices in Addition to IR Buffer

The MDR applications supports:

  • Two (2) removable hard drives or RDX
  • Network attached storage

Note: The HDD drives are used as archive and can be removed and
reloaded during operation.

Miscellaneous Settings

  • Turn audio alarm on.
  • Split continuous recordings at midnight.
  • Set TTL (time to live) for recordings.
  • Activate spoken time during playback.

Channel Activity / Inactivity Display

  • Select channel(s) and show activity over a time period.
  • Select channel(s) and alarm if inactivity is outside the set range.

ATIS Software Clients for Remote Access to the System

MDR Search & Replay Client

The MDR search and replay client offers the same functionality as the system itself and some more like scenario recreation, etc.

MDR Instant Recall Client

A thin remote client offering the call taker a fast and easy way to replay the ongoing or last finished call.

MDR Instant Recall Client

MDR Search and Replay Client

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