ATIS PhoenixPro 3.0

ATIS PhoenixPro 3.0

The PhoenixPro 3.0 Desktop was specially designed for applications where total cost of ownership is an important consideration. The Desktop features an industrial mother board, enterprise quality RAID 1 HDD and one (1) Multi-read drive. The system may come with analog, digital set or VoIP recording interfaces or a mixture. Recording capacity ranges from 4 – 48 channels. A rack mount Enterprise version is available on request.

  • Reduce your corporate and personal liability
  • Records your calls using the secure ATIS format (SAF Q50)
  • Automatically backup your calls to RDX, NAS or Hard drive media (Optional)
  • Resolve disputes fast by having a record of what was said
  • Decrease exposure to costly lawsuits
  • Reduce common misunderstandings and mistakes
  • Comply with Government requirements
  • Review employee performance by replaying calls

ATIS PhoenixPro 3.0

The ATIS PhoenixPro call capture software WEB application is – as all ATIS systems – based on the time proven and secure ATIS recording surface. High reliability and low risk of hard drive fragmentation (system slow down) are the results. The web-based user interface is a departure from the technical system presentation to a more user oriented view into the call recording system. After setup it will be “your” system.

The application is compatible with all of the well-known Internet browsers.

Whether you need to access your important call recordings from within your organization, or from
anywhere in the world, ATIS PhoenixPro call capture software is the right choice.

Make it “your” call capture system

The tree view on the left of the PhoenixPro web application screen can be customized to reflect your organization. Applications like Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), call centers, or air traffic control can easily be setup in
the PhoenixPro Tree view window. The tree view window is organized into “Department,” “Group,” and “Client” level.

The picture on the right shows a possible setup for the Atlanta Airport.


Group: Approach communications for sectors

Client: C1 118.35Mhz 90-269degrees


Seating is an internal database allowing to store call taker (agent ) data or any other data related to an instrument being recorded. For easy
selection the call takers first and / or last name can be added to the
tree view on the left.


Live monitoring allows listening to a live conversation. During live monitoring, the user may listen, stop /start recording, add a note, or insert silence.
Selecting IR during the live call allows fast rewind, adding marks and bookmarks. All functions are password protected.


Search your call database by:

  • Predefined search criteria
  • Custom search criteria

Keep up to 6 search results available for later use.
Export your search results in *.xlsx format.


Evaluation provides the tools for agent scoring and training.
It allows to:

  • Setup campaigns
  • Create evaluation forms tailored to your business
  • Fill out the Eval form while listening to calls
  • Save campaigns and Eval forms


Graphical reports provide insight into your business or call centers phone call activity.
Pre-configured reports make it easy to find the answer you need:

  • Total in/out bound calls per period
  • Busy hour (at what hour do we get most of the calls)
  • Average call length
  • and more….

Breaking it down by agent, group or department.

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