Network Based
Lawful Interception

Network Based Lawful Interception

Lawful interception is a process that enables a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) to perform electronic surveillance on an individual or groups of targets as authorized by a judicial or administrative order. The surveillance is performed through the use of electronic taps on l circuit switched telecommunications or packet switched Internet services for voice, data and multiservice networks.

Since the early 1990’s ATIS delivers intelligent communication capture and storage solutions to law enforcement agencies and provides telecom network operators with access and delivery solutions for lawful interception compliance. ATIS offerings cover fixed, cellular and packet switched networks. Network based lawful interception requires a high level of understanding of both the access and delivery from the network as well as the collection, storage, management and post processing of mobile data communications, Voice, Fax, World Wide Web, and E-mail. ATIS is committed to permanently maintain and improve its efforts to follow the rollout of new technology and to deliver state of the art solutions to the law enforcement community.

Monitoring Centers

From start to finish ATIS Monitoring Centers are custom configured to the specific needs of the user. The ATIS Monitoring Center, to a high degree automates the process of evidence collection increasing the efficiency of the workforce. ATIS Monitoring Centers can be tailored for the requirements of nationwide collections as required by national security agencies or for less demanding applications of smaller local police forces. Independent of the size, ATIS Monitoring Centers are always highly integrated into the telecom infrastructure and complies with national regulations.

Satellite Communication Recording

ATIS Monitoring Centers are not only covering network-based communication intercept but can also serve the need of Satellite Communication Recording for tactical and strategical purposes. With our technology partners we enable our Monitoring Centers to record and decode Thuraya, Inmarsat as well as V-Sat communications and provide the full scale of evidence collection and analysis.

Lawful interception Compliance Solutions

ATIS offers a variety of network installed mediation devices helping network operators, ISPs and switch manufacturers to comply with national and international telecommunication standards such as CALEA J-STD-025 or ETSI ES-201-671. ATIS Compliance Solutions offer telecom providers a cost effective alternative for delivery, access and administration functions as required for lawful interception.

Data Retention to collect & analyze Information Metadata

ATIS Data Retention is used to collect & analyze events. Large amounts of data can be quickly and efficiently analyzed and can presented in a way that makes it possible to reveal structures and patterns and to detect suspicious relations and events. Key functionalities are: evaluate the metadata for calls (CDR), correlate Cell-ID’s of the mobile phones, geographic position data and where available information of the telephone owner such as name and address.
This retained information can be used to search for suspicious structures and patterns within the data and allows you visualize the information based time axis, geographical area or in a relationship graph.

The ATIS Data Retention clients supports exploratory methods of investigation and analysis that aims to search in multiple dimensions for any enquiry.

Location Based Services for Law Enforcement Agencies

ATIS provides geo-location solutions for law enforcement and homeland security agencies in the most demanding environments in the world. Case officers combatting terrorism and organized crime, as well as forensic investigations all benefit from the end-to-end tracking solution available from ATIS. This solution allows the law enforcement to track and locate suspects at any time without applying technologies like ping or silent calls. Nationwide, 24/7 and undetectable by criminals, the ATIS solution can be deployed for single mobile networks, or centralized coverage of all service providers in a country. Dependent on the applied technology proven to 50 meters, and covering all network technologies – from 2G to 4G, including CDMA.

Data Mashup : Correlate Investigation Results

Why Mash-Board

In today’s social and mobile, world network traffic and meta data are a treasure trove of information for law enforcement that are available on different databases and collection systems. The challenge is how to correlate all this information in a common view independent of the origin, format or language the information is stored. We can help you…
Unlike many systems specialized for law enforcement that follow the concept to simply import all data into a centralized repository or database, the Mash-Board differentiates by handling local and remote data repositories online or offline structured or unstructured data and provide you with necessary overview designed to your organizations need.

How does Mash-Board work

Mash Board provides you a real time data cockpit and reports giving you a complete and comprehensive overview on all data of the attached sources at a mouse click.The cockpit is designed together with the users of the system to guarantee a maximum of efficiency. A user management assures that data and investigation results are only visible to the assigned officers and allows the system to be used by different departments at the same time. The data cockpit is a web server based GUI that can be used in an intranet as well as in an internet environment.
To enable the system the Mash-Board’s data cockpit display the desired information Data sources are connected in two different ways:
Data sources that are not maintained inside the law enforcement agency, are connected remotely. A standalone Mash-Board referencing server is installed on the data source’s premises, creating and maintaining the references for this data source. Each reference will be jointly replicated to the law enforcement agency premises enabling fast querying and advanced correlation within its own domain.
Data Sources that are available within the customer premises can be integrated too. These may include the Data Sources like digitized reports, data from seized devices or cloud domains or locally replicated Databases.

Sources to Integrate

  • Billing Databases
  • Subscriber Databases
  • IP / Data Retention Repositories
  • Radius Server Loggings
  • Monitoring Centers
  • IP-Mass Interception
  • LBS- Tracking Systems
  • Mobile Phone / Cloud Extracts
  • E-Mail / Messenger / Social Media Extracts

Typical data cockpit use cases

  • Tracking
  • Target Profiling
  • Target Intelligence
  • Social Network Intelligence

Smart Business Intelligent OSINT

Smart BI Media provides an overall view and knowledge of social media & Web- content, which is of specific interest to your organisation.
The Smart BI Media solution covers everything from collection over processing over analytics to user defined dashboards or reports. Analytics can be enriched by using auto translation, sentiment analysis , geographic analysis, image analysis etc.

Possible sources are:

  • Websites
  • Electronic Newspapers / Magazines
  • Social Media Posts
  • TV Broadcasts
  • Metadata obtained from customer provided Apps

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