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Risk Management & Air Traffic Control Audio Recordings


Air traffic control audio recordings shed light on extraordinary in-flight events and routine daily operations. When used in conjunction with rigorous training protocol, audio files enhance safety and limit exposure to liability.

Audio Recordings Enhance Training Programs

Failing to provide quality customer service in a retail call center may result in loss of revenue. It may also negatively impact your brand’s reputation. But, failing to adequately train air traffic control center personnel may result in loss of life.

State-of-the-art call capture technology that has real-time monitoring capabilities, like ATIS Phoenix Pro, allows supervisors to closely monitor communications for gaps in knowledge during new-hire training periods.  It also identifies potential problems such as burnout and stress that may increase risk potential.

Key System Features Improve Call Center Performance

One example is the call transcript between air traffic control (ATC) and US Airways pilot Sully Sullenberg. This transcript was captured when Sullenberg made the decision to land in the Hudson River after a bird strike disabled both engines. It reveals some valuable information. For one thing, Sullenberg kept his calm throughout the incident. The transcript showed his behavior from the moment he notified ATC there was a problem until communication was broken.

Without audio file archiving and retrieval software, the FAA would have had a challenging job of determining exactly what happened in the air. It would have been very challenging to determine whether the pilot and control tower personnel reacted responsibly under the given circumstances. Passengers could have claimed the pilot panicked, opening the door to financially burdensome lawsuits. Voice recordings clearly demonstrated Sullenberg maintained focus. The recordings also prove the ATC agents on the ground were fully prepared to offer the pilot options to return to the runway, if possible.

Managing Compliance with Call Recording Technology

Protecting your business from unnecessary consumer lawsuits is essential in today’s legal environment. However, managing compliance is equally challenging without the proper tools. Whereas exact recordings should be available to authorities, releasing sensitive information to the public could result in fines and negative sanctions for the call center. Fortunately, air traffic control audio recordings support compliance protocol. Built-in functionality allows authorized agents to delete or mask audio segments that reveal personal information or background conversations. Even something as seemingly benign as a telephone number or passenger name can increase risk exposure. Automating remote audio file backup ensures files are safe and secure in the event a natural disaster or other event damages on-site hardware or software.

Protecting Your Assets

Investing in technology to protect financial and personal assets doesn’t have to strain your budget or your staff. User-friendly ATIS air traffic control audio recordings help you reduce common errors and misunderstandings, implement training programs that reduce stress, while improving performance and limit your exposure to lawsuits. Contact us today to request a system demo. We can also discuss customized cost-effective solutions for your ATC team.

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