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Sales Call Recording Technology: Training, Upselling & Lead Generation


Your revenue streams depends on effective lead generation strategies and strong closing skills. Sales call recording technology empowers your force to become better decision-makers, thoughtful negotiators and confident sales agents. Some managers struggle with delegating responsibility to their team members, assuming that a hands-on, tight-fisted approach is the best way to manage your brand reputation and keep the sales team focused. Having your thumb on the pulse of your organization could be a wise strategy. However, micro-managing your sales team may actually reduce productivity and keep sales agents from achieving their full potential. Think about it. When you don’t trust your employees to make wise-decisions, you spend a large part of your day fielding questions. Therefore your team spends precious time consulting you when they could be talking to prospects and following leads.

Using Sales Call Recording Technology to Boost Staff Confidence & Conversion Rates

You might be used to keeping a tight rein on everything, and everyone, within your organization. Implementing rigorous sales call training protocol enables you to closely monitor communication without stifling your sales agents or frustrating clients. Sales call recording technology lets you keep a close watch on your organization. Furthermore, it includes features that allow you to identify key challenges in the sales funnel and spot both strengths and weaknesses in sales force presentation tactics.

Before you implement a new call recording policy, sit down with your team to explain how this change will affect each member. It is imperative to approach the shift as a positive step toward giving employees the tools and resources necessary to better serve clients. This shift results in higher conversion rates. Ultimately, that means higher commissions for your team and increased profit margins for the company.

ATIS MDR Solutions

Superior training solutions, like ATIS MDR sales call recording systems, support voice, chat, screen and video capture. It works in single- or multi-channel modes. Also, as a training tool, call recording equipment offers myriad benefits for the HR department. Real-time monitoring enables supervisors to make sure agents gather vital contact information efficiently during the first few moments of every customer engagement. Finally, monitors can also quickly differentiate which agents may benefit from advanced training and added flexibility from employees who consistently go off-script or don’t follow call scripting standards.

A well-equipped, well-trained sales force reflects the core values of the organization. Monitoring equipment isn’t a tool to punish or restrain rogue agents. It’s a valuable resource that will give your team the confidence and skills to build your brand and improve conversion rates. Therefore, it’s a win-win-win. As a result, commissions go up, customers are more satisfied and profit margins increase.

Ready to give your team the tools they needs to succeed? Contact ATIS today to discuss the advantages of implementing a sales call recording program for your sales force. Remember to ask why call center technology should be part of every business disaster preparedness and recovery plan.

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