Data Recovery Trademark

Data Recovery Trademark

All ATIS Recorders utilize a unique method of capturing and playing back recorded audio that is stored in the Q50 audio storage device. This gives ATIS the advantage over other manufactures that use a file-based structure to store the recorded audio.

The Q50 employs a method of interweaving blocks of audio data per recording channel for the length of each active channel. These blocks of data are interwoven inside the Q50 audio storage device in such a way that by itself, the audio data cannot be reconstructed. This allows for an extremely robust and highly secured system of recording and retrieval. The only possible way to reassemble any of the Q50 audio storage blocks is to use the ATIS
Recorder or a proprietary ATIS playback client.

Built in Information security – no extra encryption is needed

  • Secure: Recordings on ATIS voice logging systems cannot be identified by their file extension.
  • Secure: ATIS recordings cannot be played with standard media players.
  • Secure: user name and pass word requirement for converting in to standard audio formats.

The export function of the recorder maintains the highest level of security to maintain the integrity of the audio recording making it admissible in a court of law by using the Atis Q50 (SAF) to export recordings.

The level of complexity employed in the Q50 audio storage device and the necessary computing power needed to manually rebuild a call would be equivalent to cracking a core level encryption algorithm.

Built in reliability

  • Less hard drive fragmentation – less preventive maintenance – longer top performance
  • Less audio files to manage: Q50 uses only 4 files to store the recordings. Others use one file per recording

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