Ease Of Deployment

Ease of Deployment

The PhoenixPro Web GUI call center recording solution is designed in such a way that it is both intuitive and quick to use. There are not multiple layers of windows to go through to access the playback features, and other main features. Typically all playback and monitoring functions are usually less the three (3) mouse clicks away.
To make setup even quicker and easier the recording server does not require the use of the web user interface and can be put into service within 30 minutes after the installation is complete.
There are three (3) client applications that further facilitate the ease of use for the user.

  • Desktop Client… With this client you will experience the look and feel of the web user interface. There are also a few additions that are available in the desktop only which make playback and creation of scenarios more comprehensive.
  • Archive Player… Player allows access to each archived call center recording and most importantly allows playback of exports made using the Q50 Secure ATIS Format which cannot be played with any other player.
  • Instant Recall Client… A client that allows the user access to the most recent calls for review. There is also the ability to flag any call with a predetermined set of six (6) user definable flags.

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