Purpose Built

Complex Communication Capture Systems
Purpose Built Digital Communication Recorder

ATIS intelligence support systems (lawful interception) utilize highly reliable state of the art hardware combined with field proven software applications ATIS off the shelf PhoenixPro 3.0 or ATIS MDR Advanced Applications systems are Proven Highly
Flexible Platforms. Delivering Unmatched Choice & Reliability with Superior End User Satisfaction levels!

Purpose Built Recorder

The turnkey PhoenixPro 3.0 Desktop was specially designed for applications where total cost of ownership is an important consideration. The Desktop features an industrial strength components, a solid-state flash drive for Windows 10 OS, an SSD for the audio storage unit and a multi-read drive. The system may come with analog, digital set or VoIP recording interfaces or a mixture hereof. Recording capacity ranges from 4 – 512 channels. A rack mount Enterprise version is available on request.

  1. Reduce your corporate and personal liability
  2. Records your calls using the secure ATIS format (SAF Q50)
  3. Automatically record (backup) your calls to removable media
  4. Resolve disputes fast by having a record of what was said
  5. Decrease exposure to costly lawsuits
  6. Reduce common misunderstandings and mistakes
  7. Comply with Government requirements
  8. Review employee performance by replaying calls
  9. Easily train employees

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