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Skype For Business Call Recorder Features Every SMB Can Use

Dec 20, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Technology reviews laud the on-premise Skype for Business as a “fully functional,” commercial grade telephony replacement/ VoIP product. But, until recently, some people weren’t all that thrilled with the cloud-based package. Updated features like Skype Meeting Broadcast, Cloud PBC and PSTN Calling and Conferencing are changing all of that. Essentially, these features – and other updates in the works – are helping Skype for Business work more like a commercial, digital telephone system. But, you may be wondering how do Skype for business call recorder features benefit small business owners?

Here are a few ways that every small to medium size business (SMB) could take advantage of the features.

Skype for Business Call Recorder Features Make It Possible to Add Experts to Live and Prerecorded Broadcast

If you happened to be listening of KERA (90.1) NPR Science Friday on December 2, 2016, you would have heard Ian conference in a researcher from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute to talk about a retail study that evaluated the performance of boots during icy winter weather. Ian mentioned the conference was made possible by Skype technology. SMB could conference in industry experts to create a podcast, or live event for customers that describes how to use their products or services. Because Skype for business call recorder features enable recording, it’s possible to create video and audio and post to your website for future access.

Enhanced Analytics for Improved Functionality

When Microsoft acquired Event Zero technology, Skype for Business users benefited via new reporting and analytics capabilities for media streaming, videoconferencing and cloud-based audio. Enterprise buyers can use these new tools to bring on new revenue streams and do more with their Skype for Business call recorder features. Plus, they have easier, more efficient access to data to drive their business model decisions.

Online Demonstrations & Company Meetings

You can host a small group or a large group. Skype for Business supports up to 250 meeting attendees, while allowing in-call audio and video recording. This means SMB leaders can host company-wide meetings with off-site staff and stakeholders and document the event with a digital archive. Whether you are organizing an event to demonstrate product features, or hosting a monthly staff meeting, it’s easy to contact participants via user name, phone number or an enterprise employee roster.

ATIS Digital Solutions for SMB

If you’re looking for a full-function, VoIP solution, consider Skype for Business call recording features included in the 2015 Microsoft Skype for Business package. You’ll get E911, call forwarding and dial-in audio functionality when you install the software directly on your enterprise servers. You are typically responsible for maintaining your own hardware, but you get total PBX system interoperability and SIP, and the price is very affordable compared to some other options. Skype for Business call recorder features allow business leaders to connect with customers, train staff and build relationships with external stakeholders. Need more information? Contact ATIS Digital today by dialing 1-866-871-5390 to discuss low-price point solutions for your organization.

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