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The Best Data Logger Is The One That Complements Your Organization’s Business Model

Sep 27, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Business analytics, data behind sales numbers and customer service ratings are used to help organizations make better decisions, develop stronger client relationships and lower operational costs. To achieve optimal efficiency and effectiveness, companies should deploy the best data logger for their individual needs and working environment.

Choosing The Best Data Logger: Know Your Goals

Every highly-successful enterprise today upholds best-practice policies that ensure online security, consumer privacy and optimized internal performance. Before you start searching for the best data logger for your organization, identify the critical business processes and the unified communication technology that supports them. The ideal data capturing system complements your business model, supports your customers and empowers your staff to meet or exceed industry standards consistently.

Every environment is unique and every organization has different goals when establishing a unified communications strategy. In an effort to improve efficiency and performance, an emergency contact center may look at the data behind speed, accuracy and capacity during a crisis response, or incident review. The transportation industry may focus on collecting information from multiple devices to monitor conversations to track inclement weather events or hazardous road conditions. A customer contact center often considers call values, such as number of rings, duration and lost connections. Some environments demand system functionality that allows center agents to capture text, radio conversations, VoIP calls and landline audio simultaneously.

Answering the Right Questions to Achieve Benchmarks

Businesses of all sizes across almost every industry can benefit from capturing conversations and supporting data. An intuitive, scalable turnkey solution like the ATIS Model 3200 supports 48 channels and records analog, VoIP, and digital conversations with advanced software that allows key personnel to dive deep into the data to improve performance and client experiences.

When considering which data logging system is best for your organization, ask yourself which data is critical for benchmarking. Do you want to record data from every conversation? How much data should the system be able to handle? Are there some variables that are more important to monitor than other trackable activities? Do you need real-time monitoring and post-contact auditing capabilities? How important is it to restrict access to archived files?

Answering these questions will ensure the data capturing equipment you choose will serve your organization and your stakeholders.

Supporting High Standards With Best-Fit Technology

An ideal unified communications solution is responsive, intuitive and flexible. Responsive systems allow call center employees to communicate efficiently with people using a variety of devices. Intuitive systems have features that automatically start recording conversations based on predefined triggers. Flexible systems rapidly scale when call volume suddenly escalates or more capacity is essential to maintain quality and connectivity.

If your organization is considering adding data capturing equipment to your contact center technology toolbox, consider ATIS Digital. We offer a full range of communication solutions for air traffic control centers, transportation and public safety agencies and many other industries. Email an account specialist to schedule a phone consultation; we’ll help you find the best data logger for your organization.

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