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The Best Recording Choice by Price & Solution in Campus Public Safety Today

Jun 23, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

The ATIS Phoenix 2.0 Phone & Radio Recording platform advances the metric of how well Campus Public Safety departments operate in fast paced environments. The PhoenixPRO software application exponentially improves the way campus dispatchers & end users conduct investigations, lock out, escort, and other critical campus emergency services. Direct results include lowering of man power cost & empowering Command leadership “Insight” with our Advanced Call Data Trends feature at your fingertips.

The PhoenixPRO 2.0 is a “Powerful tool” and its service impact evidenced by Dispatchers, Chief’s, Directors & Emergency Manager’s poignant reviews and high approval ratings from Campus to Campus all over America! “No other company anywhere has developed recording software so Aboriginal & Ground up for campus public safety” than ATIS” says Al Law of ATIS.

So no matter the call type or situational emergency event from Medical Emergencies to Active Shooter drill sets, ATIS is perfecting Campus Safety end of shift results Bar None!

ATIS is driven by one daily Goal: “Understanding your complete requirements and how we can exceed them”! Whether you use Cisco, Avaya, Motorola or any other VoIP or Radio system, ATIS integration & compatibility is designed to meet & exceed all your IT demands for easy installation & fast deployment.

Harness The Power of ATIS Hybrid Campus Phone & Radio Recording By Calling Today!

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