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The Best Way To Record Skype Calls For Customer Service Training


Once you learn the step-by-step instructions to record Skype calls, you are ready to start taking advantage of the many benefits the technology offers. For example, coaching employees via Skype is a proven training method. You get the same one-on-one intimacy and focus as you would if you were in the same room with your employees, whether you are in the same building or on different continents. The best way to record Skype calls for customer service training is to plan for success.

Building a strong, customer-focused call center team starts with giving your staff the tools and confidence to provide exceptional service. Skype is affordable, available to anyone with an Internet connection and simple to use, which makes the technology a wise choice for call center training programs. Implementing an agent training program only requires four things – a computing device, a reliable connection, a web cam and a microphone.

Getting Started: Identifying Service Delivery Priorities

Every organization has a unique set of customer service goals and challenges. Many call centers train agents on the phone to use a script to gather information and inform callers about conversation recording policies. Some businesses monitor calls to maintain compliance with internal policies and external legal requirements. Identifying service delivery priorities enables training supervisors to develop a plan to help call center personnel fine tune their skills.

Empowering employees to better serve callers could include teaching methods to improve speech delivery, writing concise scripts or using breathing techniques to remain calm when a caller is aggressive or agitated. The visual and audio components available in Skype allow team members to replay sessions to measure performance and identify both strengths and weaknesses.

The Best Way to Record Skype Calls For Customer Service Training: Plan, Prepare & Playback

After you have installed and set up your Skype account, your next step is to plan your session. The leader should choose a quiet hosting room, without distracting ambient noise or activity. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, and high-quality camera and microphone equipment. A noise-canceling headset is preferred. Prepare for the training session by creating an itemized agenda that includes time for attendees to ask questions and offer feedback. Finally, establish a call storage and retrieval policy to allow trainees to replay the session to reinforce techniques and other topics covered.

Keep in mind that Skype is only one part of your unified communications strategy. Your overarching communication policy will ideally include technology to silently record conversations, and abstract or label them with relevant information such as the time, date and media channel. You also need efficient, secure digital storage solutions and audit tracks that encompass end-to-end activity from recording to archiving or disposal.

ATIS Digital can help you learn the best way to record Skype calls in every situation from training customer service representatives to coordinating an emergency response from a field command center. Call us today to learn how to integrate Skype performance with your existing communications infrastructure.

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