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The Contact Center Data Logger System: Managing Audit Trails & Activity

Aug 15, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Deploying a data logger system helps contact center administrators efficiently manage call quality, monitor trends and initiate changes to improve operational workflow. In the field, data logger system applications typically record environmental changes in temperature, moisture, air flow and motion. In the call center, data collected provides an audit trail that tracks user activities and relevant call characteristics such as date and time, length of interaction, ring tones and other call-related variables. There are many benefits beyond simply creating a digital archive of events.

Data Logger System Benefits

Benefits of initiating a new data logger system policy are generally classified to fit into one of two categories: audit trails and activity logs. An audit trail tracks variables such as time and date a record is created or accessed, when a change is made to a file and the channel and/or telephone number associated with a given call. Activity logs provide a more in-depth look at who accessed a file and what type of changes, if any, were made.

Here are three ways that custom reports generated by the data logger system help organizations maintain tighter control over their operations.

• Reviewing activity logs helps administrators make sure internal and external compliance protocol is closely followed.

• Logs give management necessary documentation to prove only authorized personnel have access to information deemed sensitive or governed by privacy standards.

• Audit trails are helpful when situations require changes in call routing or system configurations.

Architecting a Unified Communication Platform For Your Organization

Whether you have a single collection point, or your organization serves many remote locations, designing a network with a centralized data logging system is beneficial. It is more cost-effective and convenient to access printouts or archived files from one location than it is to physically drive to every location and retrieve system data. For most enterprises, features that enable operators to collect call data from radio, telephone, wireless devices and other telecom equipment improves service quality and facilitates performance evaluations.

Choosing the best-fit system for your company depends on whether you need a stand-alone data collecting device or your service model demands accommodating existing PBX or call routing equipment. Normally, a stand-alone data logger system that record interactions for later review and retrieval are more compact; so, if space is limited this may be a better option than a system with continuous print capabilities.

The growth of the Internet has dramatically blurred the lines between telecom equipment and computing technology. It is more important than ever before to make sure your team has access to the data that drives your organization.

ATIS Digital is a leading provider of unified communications technology. We offer data logger system equipment designed to work seamlessly with a broad spectrum of telephone and radio dispatch systems, and chat, text and mobile messaging devices. Whether you need help enforcing compliance protocol, or improving customer experiences in the contact center, we can help. Call an ATIS data logging system specialist today to discuss cost-effective solutions to help you streamline communications.

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