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The Role of VoIP Call Recording & Crisis Response Management

Sep 11, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

During an emergency, especially a fluid event with expanding involvement, effective communication is vital. The ability to rapidly establish reliable communication between law enforcement agencies, mental health professionals, medical teams and other responders can make the difference in how many lives are saved or lost. VoIP call recording technology plays an increasing role in mobilizing response teams.

Coordinating Crisis Response in the Emergency Command Center

When the first call comes in alerting authorities there is an unfolding incident that may involve multiple casualties, interoperability takes center stage. Events like the Columbine shooting (1999), the campus crisis at Virginia Tech (2007) and more recently, the murder/suicide on the UCLA campus come to mind. Mobilizing resources often involves many types of communication equipment. That may include mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, two-way radios and hard wired land lines. Many mobile platforms utilize mobile VoIP applications that enable calls via high-speed Wi-Fi connections and mobile data.

VoIP call recording technology ensures incoming calls from mobile devices are digitally available for sharing among agencies via password protected, encrypted .wav files . This is especially helpful for those working behind the scenes who may be participating in the response from remote locations. It helps whether they are working from across town or hundreds of miles away.

Assigning dedicated lines for incident-specific needs when initiating session recording protocol enables command center personnel to monitor live calls in progress or access and replay completed calls. Both processes facilitate efficient inter-agency information sharing.

ATIS VoIP Call Recording: During the Crisis & After the Response

Recording calls over the internet during a crisis with an expanding scope is an essential part of coordinating an effective response. However, VoIP call recording capabilities also play a vital role in performance review after the incident is over. After the Virginia Tech shooting, campus administrators faced harsh criticism for failing to have a preparedness plan in place for such incidents.

Using call transcriptions allows emergency personnel and call center operators to analyze their response. They can identify what they got right and what they need to work on to be prepared for future incidents. In a crisis, every second matters. Recorded calls provide an opportunity to make sure every call serves the community. Moreover, it better equips agencies responsible for protecting the citizens under their care.

ATIS Digital provides a full range of call capturing equipment designed for emergency call centers. Give us a call. You’ll learn how VoIP call recording technology can help improve efficiency and support the agencies you serve. When you call ask your consultant about scheduling a demo on the Phoenix AdvantagePro. We’ll show you how its multi-channel recording capabilities and analytic tools help you fine tune in-house call center training programs.

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