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Using an Avaya Call Recording Solution in an Emergency Response Setting

Dec 27, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

An Avaya call recording solution empowers Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) to coordinate small- and large-scale crisis response activities. Capturing voice conversations is only one component in a unified communication system, but it is vital for most enterprises, especially when lives and property depend on efficiency and professionalism. To explore ways that call recording software assists in community recovery, look at the recent fires that have devastated Tennessee.

Avaya Call Recording Solution Functionality Improves Inter-Agency Communication

Recent wildfires have claimed at least four lives and destroyed hundreds of buildings in Gatlinburg and the surrounding area. More than 15,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, and hundreds, potentially thousands, of others are unable to work or enjoy their vacations as emergency response teams battle the blaze. Call centers are tasked with answering calls from the public, municipal, state and federal agencies, relaying updated information to teams on the front lines and communicating with disaster relief workers. The Red Cross has established shelters and temporary services for the communities impacted and the organization’s workers remain in constant contact with EOC officials.

Monitoring Agent Skills

Agents answering the phone at the EOC may find themselves speaking to other response team members, a frantic homeowner surrounded by flames or someone inquiring about donating to the disaster relief funds. Call recording features that allow live monitoring, provide insight into the skills and knowledge of the operators. In real-time, supervisors can provide additional training and manage call volume to ensure each caller receives courteous, professional attention.

Sharing Vital Information

Capturing telephone conversations with an Avaya call recording solution enables rapid access and play-back necessary to forward information to coordinators within the EOC and external partners. Labeling files for search and indexing makes the process of sharing community inquiries about pet shelters, Red Cross locations and the number of incoming calls for assistance with the proper agencies easy and efficient.

Supporting the Telephone Staff

Responding to a wide-spread crisis requires following protocol. However, at times, an evolving event can be emotionally charged. Monitoring calls also provides clues about the response team in the center and on the front lines. Trained mental health professionals can recognize speech and voice patterns that indicate an operator is tired or stressed and may need relief or support services.

Preparing for the Worst with Best-Fit Technology

After a crisis, response teams review the overarching policies and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Having the ability to capture conversations across multiple device types – telephone, radio, text, video – ensures the review team gets a clear picture of the event as it unfolded and was resolved. Sharing the conversations captured with modern call center hardware and an Avaya call recording solution simplifies the sharing process.

Storms passing through eastern Tennessee threatened to stretch the human resource pool even further. Coordinating an emergency response is never stress-free, but deploying the proper technology can make the processes easier and more efficient. ATIS Digital has hardware and software, like an Avaya call recording solution, to position your EOC to handle any situation. Contact a representative today to discuss custom unified communication solutions for your organization.

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