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Voice Logging Recorder Systems: Managing Quality & Compliance

Jul 10, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

The call center supporting an organization must reflect foundational core values and principles established in the enterprise mission statement. Both internal and external centers leverage voice logging recorder technology to ensure consistency twenty-four hours a day. It’s this consistency that reinforces customer experience benchmarks and compliance.

Quality Control: Safety vs Brand Building

Retail operations often use call center recording devices as a brand building tool. By monitoring sales presentations, tracking call duration and training to overcome weaknesses, sales managers can often increase conversion rates. Improving profit margins is a laudable goal for e-Commerce sites. However, strengthening safety and response times may be the primary goal for hospitals, EMS dispatchers and campus security teams. Therefore, best-in-class voice logging recorder equipment empowers supervisors and front line personnel to capture telephone and two-way radio conversation, monitor, playback and share encrypted files with need-to-know external agencies.

For example, if an emergency call coming into the contact center is lost, authorized operators may need to listen to the recording to determine if law enforcement or paramedics should be notified. When static or background noise distorts the call quality significantly, sharing the file with a lab that has capabilities to enhance voice tracks may be beneficial. Before sending the audio record to outside agencies, an internal review is necessary. The review serves to protect personal information without compromising the integrity of the original recording. Hence, an easy-to-use system with fast playback and masking capabilities supports this review when seconds count.

Managing Compliance: Scheduling Call Recording

Modern recording applications strengthen compliance in the aviation, public safety and security sectors. Organizations that must monitor calls for compliance reporting, find it beneficial to be able to schedule calls. The ability to route calls to specific personnel or departments ensures the agency has flexibility to cast a broad net or narrow the focus to a certain time of day, types of calls or particular devices. Even if you capture calls using a state-of-the-art voice logging recorder, it helps to be able to monitor live-calls in real time for training purposes.

Finding the Ideal Voice Logging Recorder

An ideal unified communications strategy deploys the right hardware, software and personnel to intercept, and capture, all safety-sensitive conversations. Capturing the call is only the beginning. We live in a data-driven era. Voice recording equipment today goes beyond legacy systems that utilized reel-to-reel tape backups and digital answering machines. VoIP and searchable cloud-based storage solutions provide access to valuable data that can be used to develop training programs, protect your financial assets and keep confidential information secure. Especially relevant, all these capabilities should come in a cost-effective package that doesn’t require a large upfront investment.

ATIS Digital offers voice logging recorder equipment designed to give organizations a low price-point solution capable of handling everyday operations and sudden surges in call volume. Voice recordings eliminate errors associated with eye-witness and personal recollections. We invite you to call 866-871-5390 to speak to a representative today discuss solutions for your organization.

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