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What Does Avaya Do To Enhance Productivity & Collaboration?

Mar 20, 2017 BY ATIS DIGITAL

Technology plays a vital role in the 21st century, and many small to medium sized organizations are concerned about investing heavily in new hardware and software to modernize their unified communications infrastructure. You may be pleased with your telephone equipment but need more advanced applications to enhance productivity and collaboration with a dispersed workforce. Fortunately, there are low-cost software solutions to help you modernize your call center, without starting from the ground-up. Avaya is an excellent option to consider.

What Does Avaya Do & How Can It Help Your Team?

The service industry is changing rapidly, going from paper-based systems to cloud-based communication systems at an ever increasing pace. People expect access to information and service in real-time, from anywhere. Avaya offers organizations flexible, user-friendly solutions to support a mobile workforce with advanced technology tailored to specific clientele needs. Here are a few examples.

What Does Avaya Do with Voice Mail & Email?

Managing your conversations more efficiently is simple with Avaya. Whether you want to direct voice mail to one central location, route all calls to a dedicated land-line or mobile device, or you want a hybrid model, you can do that with Avaya’s flexible options. With a hybrid communications management system, you get your voice mail messages directly in your Outlook inbox and they show up on your iPad or other mobile device, eliminating delays associated with waiting until you return to the office to get important messages.

Going Beyond Message Relays With Avaya

You can listen to emails with text to speech technology on your iPhone and take immediate action. Unlike traditional messaging solutions, with Avaya, you can naturally answer and place calls, but you can also transfer calls to other team members or create a conference call to discuss evolving situations in real time.

A Truly Hands-Free Solution

When employees use the “soft-phone” feature, making calls via their computing device, other system users can see who is available for calls and who is already engaged in another conversation. One-click connection features allow users to dial a team member’s extension, enter a conference call or transfer an incoming call efficiently by selecting an icon on the screen. You never have to pick up a phone if you wear a headset.

Never A One-Size Fits All Solution

Avaya isn’t a single application or service. Solutions allow every team member, whether in the field or in the office, to feel connected. What does Avaya do? It unifies your team and your communication system. It works where ever you are, whenever you need it, making high-quality collaboration possible in spite of geographic barriers.

If you need more information about Avaya solutions, or you’re looking for call capturing technology that does more than simply record your conversations, contact an ATIS Digital team member to today.

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