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Why the Best Way to Record Phone Calls Looks Different For Every Organization

Jul 25, 2016 BY ATIS DIGITAL

The best way to record phone calls depends on your organization’s service goals. There isn’t a single formula that works best in every environment. It is critical to clearly define the purpose for implementing a call capture program before purchasing hardware and software.

The Best Way to Record Phone Calls in an Event Driven Environment

Event-driven sessions require functionality to scale to temporary conditions. Deploying call capturing technology must allow simultaneous monitoring across multiple channels – radio, telephone, chat, text – without disrupting normal communication or diminishing call quality. File sharing often plays an integral role in appropriate response during a crisis; therefore, the best way to record phone calls during an emergency also includes choosing a system that enables encryption and forwarding capabilities.

Enforcing Compliance & Risk Management Policy

Enforcing compliance and risk management policy demands voice capture technology capable of full-time and part-time scheduling. When coupled with a well-designed internal training program, call recording strengthens compliance and reduces liability exposure. The financial industry and all emergency response centers typically record all calls.

Enforcing internal policy means having the flexibility to determine different recording schedules for individual channels and agents. In some cases, administrators may find recording a certain percentage of calls is adequate without targeting a specific agent or device.

Streamlining Customer Dispute Resolution & Legal Challenges With Recordings

When the primary reason for implementing a call recording policy is to avoid, or defend, legal challenges, it is essential to record all calls and establish a secure, archival policy. Whether calls are stored on-premise, off-site or in the cloud, the system should include masking technology to protect privileged information without permanently modifying the original data. The ideal system allows instant access to files via search and rapid replay. Both capabilities streamline review and sharing, saving an organization time and money during disputes.

Choosing a Call Recording System For Your Unique Organization

The decision to implement a call recording policy demands careful forethought. The best way to record phone calls depends on the unique workflow, service delivery model and nature of your business. One thing that every organization needs is a user-friendly system that is simple to learn and simple to deploy. ATIS Digital offers a wide array of call capturing technology suitable for diverse settings and companies of all sizes. Call today to request a demo or schedule a consultation to help you discover the best way to record phone calls to meet your specific needs.

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