ATIS Solutions Help Your Organization Achieve Voice Recording Compliance

The need for clear and reliable voice recording technology continues to grow. Law enforcement, emergency responders, air traffic controllers, and many other professionals are expected to demonstrate an extreme level of accountability. Customer service departments need reliable recording technology to enhance their operators’ skills. That means crystal clear voice recording is a must for countless companies every single day.

ATIS Digital Voice Recording Solutions

At ATIS, we have spent 30 years at the forefront of voice recording technology development. Our latest systems allow the people within your organization to record, replay, and quickly search through countless recordings. Our user-friendly and interactive tools make creating reports and leaving feedback easier than ever.

Fully Online Voice Record Generation and Storage

With PhoenixPro 3.0, the only pieces of recording equipment you’ll need are computers and microphones. Monitoring a department’s activity is simple when managers can listen to call recordings in real time or playback mode. And with highly customizable system setup features, you will have complete control over team members’ access within the software.

Streamlined Voice Recording Evaluation

Providing feedback and ongoing training to your operators is critical to the success of your organization. With ATIS recording technology on your side, you can complete individual evaluations and create feedback reports with a few clicks of the mouse. You can even leave voice recorded notes wherever you want within the audio file. Generating paperless, streamlined team feedback is at your fingertips with ATIS digital voice recording tools.

Take a Look for Yourself

You will be surprised by how well ATIS Digital’s tools meet your organization’s recording needs. Whether you need an easy-to-use online platform or prefer a standalone recording system, ATIS makes the best products in the business. Visit our Recording Demos page to see for yourself what a difference ATIS voice recording technology can make for your organization.

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